faith facts

Faith vs Facts

Faith does not go with Facts. Facts does not go with faith either. Most important thing is which one is more important and acceptable to you. Are you the person who is going to blindly […]

hajj crime islam

Hajj is a Crime for humanity

Hajj, simply a crime. This is the most organised criminal act in the world. Previously, I have written about deaths during this event which radicalized people perform every year. In fact, all the governments from […]

theory of existence

Theory of existence – 6

Theory of existence articles, after a short period of time. I believe, it has become important to explore and share our reason for existence in this universe. People are killing each other for no reason. […]

human being existence

Theory of existence – 5

Theory of existence is called theory, because still lots of people are not ready to accept the facts discussed in this series of articles. They are still living in dark age. We call ourselves educated […]