New Digital Security Law of Bangladesh kept Sec 57 of ICT law


Everyone was criticising ICT law, specailly sec 57 for years. And then government said, they are going to review this law and introduce a new one. But as always, government introduced Digital safety law, but kept all the criticised part of old sec 57 of ICT law. Shameless Sheikh Hasina and her government has proven again, how shameless they are. They will be champion in shamelessness if there were any world championship competition on this.

For eye wash, this week CID has filed a law suite against few guys who tried to sell leaked medical question online. What a joke. Government is trying to show off that this new law is passed for the good of the society. Total rubbish. Do you think Shameless Shiekh Hasina that people do not understand your main intention? What happened to those backboneless civil right and civil society geniouses? Where are you now? I know, because you are scared. If you say anything against it, your future is going to be like the former chief justice. So you are letting the people suffer and you are sleeping like a dog.

I have not seen lots of online protest either so far which is understandable; as you will be arrested. This new law has introduced a new side which is, if you are even outside of Bangaldesh, you will be considered as you are committing the crime within the country. WOW! This government may not go international with anything, but they are good with catching people and stopping their freedom of speech. Doesn’t matter where you are, you are not out of this Awami government’s grip. And I can assure you that, this law is not going to change a bit less if next government is a different politcal party. All of the them want to abuse this law. This a very fine weapon for them. They want to keep people quite from protesting online or print media.

I have seen editors of print and electronic media is trying to cut a deal with the governmnet, I don’t know what they are trying to achieve here. I think they are trying to save their asses here, so that they don’t get caught in the process. All these editors are also spineless. They are also slave of the government. There are very few journalists who are really good and brave enough to protest and report. But they are also facing problem. They are left alone by their editors when arreted by police.

I think, everything has gone into a stage now where people in Bangladsh does not have any space to breathe and this is the situation when things explode. This government has pushed everyone to the wall. There is no where to go now apart from going front. There must be a massive change and I think, it needs to be done very quickly.

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