LGBT movement must be increased in Bangladesh


LGBT is a movement well recognised and has got huge momentum around the world. But poor third world country, like Bangladesh, there is no active movement regarding LGBT. This lack of social movement, pulling the societies back into darkness. I know, it far from now to achieve what I am expecting; but at some point we have to start this movement openly. There are lots of people who are trying to take part in the country, but all of them are scared to come out and speak about it. People fears dangerous consequences from the government and religioius leaders. But now is the time we have to raise our voice for the equal opportunity and freedom for the LGBT community.

Some other countries, like in India, LGBT movement is getting momentum. Though it’s slow, but at least they have started their journey. At the same time, countries like Pakistan where everything is dragged by reglious value, it is very hard. In Bagladesh, we have push break that social and administrative barrier, to get the LGBT community to be recognized equally like others. If we try to keep out eyes closed and think some super hero will come do this for us, then we are not living in real world. This is a world, where you need to move to survive; someone else is not going to do it for us.

If we look at western worlds, LGBT has got huge support and momentum not only from governments, but also from society. This community has been recognised with freedom and equal opportunity. I am not saying it’s 100% working, but at least, it has reached some distance. There is nothing happenning in South-east Asia; and that is not other’s fault. It is our fault. There are thousands of people who are LGBT, but we don’t care about them. Rather we are concern just only about ourselves. Just for a second, if you consider yourself of that community and think what would have happened. Now we are saying, we and them. But we have to take this to ours. When we will be able to live and do everything together; then only my goal will be achieved.

Core correction needed is towards our social noms and tradition. If that changes, then government will be bound to recognise this community and take actions to give them equal opportunity. People in Bangladesh still live in stone age. They try to hide their sexual orientation. If anyone is part of LGBT, they will be considered as sick or ill. I don’t know why, but we are very good at hiding these, instead of expressing it. Well our social environment is like that. People don’t like to talk about this. This young generation are good with so many things, but they need to stand and give support to LGBT community.

There should be a LGBT celebration day in Bangladesh where at least start talking about this freely, well I doubt when this is going to happen, until AL and BNP stops playing their politcal game. But that has to be changed, then be it. But we have to raise our voice and take the country forward. LGBT people are also human being like us. We should not treat them differently.

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