Is it another short-term cry for a change from students?

students road safety

Is it a short-term cry from students to fight corruption? This is not the first time, it happened. Corruption has spread all over the places in Bangladesh. Now a days, we can see groups of people from the general mass is trying to protest; which is good. But only problem I can see is, still they are not grouped together to launch a strong and country wide protest to make a significant change in the society or politics. Bangladeshi government still thinks, these sorts of small and short-term protests cannot make any significant damage to the power of the government. But good sign is, it started. I don’t know how often it’s going to happen or how long it is going to last.

Road accidents are nothing new for Bangladeshis. None can stop road accidents, but at least government can take preventive actions to mitigate the loss or damages. Everyone, I think, is going to agree to that. That’s why people are protesting publicly. Sheikh Hasina is very cunning, she is trying to play nice here. I can assure you, she is not going to do anything to create a problem against this protest. But she will take action after few days, when everything is going to cool down little bit.

Sheikh Hasina knows very well that if she take any hard action against these students, that will be the end of Awami League for next few years. This morning, in the news, I read few students were attacked while protesting and I can hear about some fake news regarding death of couple of students. Well, a 10 students’ rep team visited AL office and found nothing. But this signals that some political game is already played and underway.

I don’t know yet, if BNP is trying to take this opportunity to topple the government or not, but defintiely some body is trying to take this opportunity and will take it. I will be very much watchful and will be interested to know what happens about this in next few days. I think, this protest will stop very soon without any kind of committment from government. But this will give a good signal to AL to take some actions regarding road safety. They will do it, not because they care about people, rather they will do it to show people that they care about us.

If government does not take actions to change the whole road safety system from the scratch, nothing will change and I don’t think government will do it at this point. Well, they may sell this promise for their next national election and will break any promise they made before the election, even if they win and will drag this issue for next few terms until people really reject governments. But for now, this is a fair warning for every political parties to wake up from students.

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