Local radicalised terrorists are now well connected to international terrorist networks


Local radicalised terrorists or muslims or may be from any other religion in Bangladesh, is now well connected to international terrorist organisations. It looks like, they are behaving like, years ago, how World Wide Web was created.  They are using the same concept. They are recruited from their home, are or schools and becoming part of international terrorist organisations very quickly.  Worst part is, internaitonal terrorist organisations now have mobile recruiters who travels and manipulate systems to locate highly talented new recruits. They are paid salary and they are used to kill people as people are paid in any other international organisation for doing any job. And that’s when they become professional terrorist. They kill people for nothing.

Governments are not doing anything to prevent this. Government is more like in a reactive mode. If anything happends, they will react. This is also part of their political agenda or game whatever you call it. They want to keep general public scared of these terrorists and milk it to win future national election. Sometimes, terrorists need to raise fund their terrorist activities and government provide them with those fund to work for them as and when needed. I have seen this done for all the governments in Bangladesh in power over the years. This is not only done by AL, but also used by BNP as well.

Political parties who are fully based on their religious view, they are already well connected abroad for their funding. In the name of donation, they get million to fund these terrorists. If you think, how do they get money, they run a whole national size bank in Bangladesh. So they are allowed to fund international terrorists institutionally. Can you believe it? And funny part is, government says they can’t do anything about it. That means, government is also supporting this funding. But from where this money is coming. So far I know, all these money is mostly coming from middle easts. They coming in the form of donations for religious political parties, for NGOs etc. But these fund is going directly to fund the terrorist activities.

Ansarullah Bangla Team – a radicalised group, became a national terrorist group and now they are part of AL Qaeda in south Asia. I don’t know if they have increased their area of responsibility yet or not. Probably yes. IS already operating within Bangladesh, which is known by new-JMB (which is nothing but IS terrorists). Government does not want to mention IS in Bangladesh, that’s why they have been named like that.

I was reading an article other day about a guy who studied abroad in IT and started a business and few years later died as a IS terrorist. He also turned his other family members as terrorists. It shows how dangerous it has become in Bangladesh. International terrorist organisation fully know the situation of law and order system in Bangladesh and about the corruption. They are fully utilising the holes in it and capitalizing to expand their back office operation in Bangladesh and I can tell you, in near future, Bangladesh is going to turned into safe house for terrorist groups like IS and Al Qaeda.

I don’t see any actions from government and I am not very hopeful about the role of internationl community on this issue. Last hope is the general public of the country, bloggers and online activists who are not scared to raise their voice. This need to be changed very quickly, otherwise it is turning very dark.

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