Sheikh Hasina – Nothing but a thief

Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina, who has been holding on to the ruling power of Bangladesh, is nothing but a thief. She has stolen freedom of general public of the country. She has stolen the rights of public and freedom of protest for opposition. She thinks that she will get away with all these. But I believe she is going to face the reality in future when there will be chaos for the top position of her political party. Already all the political parties are responsible for family oriented politics, but Awami League will be hit the hardest. Because there is none from the Sheikh family who is capable for the top position and they will try to keep the position, there will be lots of protest within the party. Then shameless Sheikh Hasina will face the music.

A good example of how shameless thief Sheikh Hasina is, will be clear if you look at what happened during and after the last general election. This time, Sheikh Hasina is planning bigger. She is just following what Fakhruddin-Moin told her to. She is getting rid of Khaleda Zia from the political field, she has already got rid of Tareq and Koko. Because she knows, oppositions will take the opportunity of chaos within AL when there will a vacant position for the leadership. Therefore, she is trying to force BNP to be topless before she faces the same. My problem is none of them are thinking about the general public of this country. They are not at all bothered about them.

Ershad is alredy a slave of the government, and I don’t expect anything from him. He has his own agenda to survive. He has no time to think about the betterment of the public. I don’t see any other new political party formed at this point, unless Sheikh Hasina is removed from the power very soon. Sheikh Hasina will try the most to remain in power for the next term. Because she knows, if she can do that then, though AL will loose the popularity but other political parties will have no institutional strength to contest AL. She is using the power of parlament to pass law with which she can control media and people. So that no one can raise voice against her. She is even worse thief than her father.

It will be foolish, if you think getting rid of Sheikh Hasina is going to solve the problems. Next AL leader will do the same. It’s more about we need a change in political cultur. Otherwise, it’s not going to change. In fact, I don’t see any hope on that. There is a big change needed. I don’t know how and when that’s going to happened. But all the graphs change their direction when it hit the rock bottom. May be new generation, educated and patriotic leader may bring some change; but in that case that leader has to be out of current political families. Otherwise, it will be same and will follow the same shameless gain game.

Sheikh Hasina is now using social media to manupulate people’s mind to sell her cheap emotional photos. Well, some fools will definitely buy them. But no me and not who understand these political brain wash process. Where as, BNP is falling behind on these. But the main problem here is, we are stuck within this bracket of thieves. Whichever direction we go, we don’t have freedom. If BNP wins the next general election, they will resume stealing human rights, freedom of speech etc. ; if AL wins, they will continue the same. Biggest problem is, public have accepted this obvious outcome. They think, this is their part of life now. There is no super hero. Public is the super hero. Public has to protest against these politicians; otherwise they will loose everything as well as the country.

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