Religions are nothing but made up stories


You make stories to put them in a imaginary world, like that religions are nothing but made up stories to put you in the imaginary world where you feel good or you are scared to follow the religions. Most of the time these stories are made to scare you to control you. Some time they try to promote humanity, but at the next paragraph they will mention about the punishments if you don’t follow them. Most funny part of these kind of religions and their stories are, they are told to believe these stories blindly. Some of the religions are even gone one step further to believe these stories blindly and not to question the authenticity. Some of the religions says do you think too much about universe or Gods, if you do you will go mad; well, if you don’t think about these what they are saying and trusting them blindly, then you are a mad.

If you go to a grocery store, will you buy anything without seeing the product? Then why do you buy these stories without seeing it by yourself? Trust your eyes, belive your ears; not somebody else’s. These conspiracies are taking place for a long time. In the name of religious studies, system is radicalizing children. It is the secular minded peoploe who are spreading the truth of open thinking so that these children get an opportunity to think themselves what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes they are not sure, sometimes they are scared of their parents and society. Specially when you are in a third world country, you cannot think let alone expressing your view on not believing religions or what you are taught when you are a child. You just follow what you are told by your parents and teacher and elderly people. You are in a prison without freedom of knowledge.

In Bangladesh, children are taught about religion even before they are sent to schools. I have seen children are punished not to attend those classes, mostly these teachings are given through home schooling. Think about a child who has no idea about anything and is punished not to study the religious stories or grammars. Now, did the children learning these willingly? No, mostly it’s parents are forcing them doing it. Now, why parents are doing this? Because they were brain washed when they were children and still they believe in those scary religious stories that if they don’t force their children reading and learning religous grammar or rules or stories, they will go to so called hell. So, they are saving themselves sacrificing their own children.

I have not found any logical ground to accept that all those religious stories are made to help people. It’s more like, do this or you will be punished. Sometimes some of the religions have messed up and you can see similarities in their stories. Some of their religous so called scholars says, all the religions have got same root, some says all the religions are connected, some says one is the latest version of other. I say, how many times you can make completely new stories? They couldn’t, as a result they had to steal material from other stories to look like so called heavenly. It’s a joke. Like someone just stole tune from someone else’s music.

Sometimes, people says what I say is not correct. Well, you may have your own opinion and logic, which I respect. I am not trying to make you accept what I think. I am trying make you think on what you believe, then it’s your journey forward. Probably my articles will help you think more. But I am not going to bombard my articles with lots of figures or statistics, I will make you think about what your current what of thinking. Now think about these so called religions and why people have made these divisions and religions among people. What their motives are? What they are trying to gain out of it? And at last for today, what you are gaining out of it? or loosing?

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