Awami League is planning to eliminate BNP from politics


Awami League is planning to eliminate BNP from Bangladeshi politics. This process started since 2008. But it has reached it’s climax now. I am not saying only AL is part of this conspiracy, few groups within BNP is also part of this; but they are not realising that AL is using them for their gain, but eventually they will also be eliminated from the politics. I am not worried about BNP, I am rather worried about Bangaldshi politics. For decades, BNP is provided opposition to the government, but they are completely eliminated there will be no oppostion left if government does anything wrong.

When Awami League came into power, they made an agreement that they will eliminate other political parties. Well, I am not supporting Jamat, but they did eliminate Jamat. Jamat is nothing but a paper political party now. Jatio Party is already a puppet party and I don’t have to say or prove that; everyone knows about it. So far what ever the opposition government was getting, was from BNP. But sending Khaleda Zia in prison, AL has taken it’s one of the final steps to eliminate Khaleda Zia from the politics and I believe unless Tareq takes over the BNP, it’s the end of BNP. In one sense it’s good, because I don’t want family oriented politics, but I am worried that Bangladeshi politics is not matured enough to follow democracy within political parties and can exist by policy. And Awami League is going to take this opportunity to tear BNP apart into pieces now.

Khaleda is going to die in prison or she has to make a deal to leave the active politics with government. Already Sheikh Hasina is saying, she wants someone to take over from her. But that saying is fully political, it’s not real. Definitely not before the next national election. Well, at some point there has to be new leaders in political parties. They are not going to live forever. But I think, AL is going to play very clever here, they are going to strengthen their political position and handover the leadership smoothly to someone who is related to Sheikh family. But AL will make sure, this is not the case for BNP. They want to make sure, during the leadship handover process, BNP is divieded into small groups and starts a civil war within the party.

I don’t know whether if Tareq is going to go back to take over BNP or not. If yes, very difficult unless BNP is in power. But to bring BNP on power, Khaleda Zia needs to have full control of the party and she needs to take active part in politics and fight in the national election. But I don’t see that unless she makes an arrangement with AL. But if she makes an arrangement with AL, I don’t think that would propose to put BNP in power, posssibly opposition leadership. But that is not enough for Tareq to go back. I don’t see anyone who can take leadership and be loyal to Khaleda or Tareq. I can see the end of Zia family in BNP politics, and possibly the end of BNP in Bangladeshi politics. It shows how AL is planning to make Bangladesh ruled by dictator Hasina.

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