None can stop us from saying the truth


None can stop us from saying the truth and you should understand that from the name of this website. To the shameless hackers ‘Libya_shell’, you tried your best to hack the website, but ‘boo’ to you for your failed attempt.  Here we are again raising our voice against extremism, radicalisation. You must be part of international terrorist organisations. You must part of those dark minds who like to stop people from their opinions. You are must be one of those groups who does not want people to know the truth. Shame on you.

A massage for all the hackers so far tried to stop us by hacking our website or will try the same in future, you cannot stop us. So, don’t even try. We have always been and will always be publishing our articles against terrorism, radicalisation, religious extreemism and political power play. You cannot stop us. Therefore, don’t even try, you cannot.

Instead, know the truth about this universe, know the truth about who are playing your minds and bainwashing you to hack our website.

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