Awami League’s election engineering 2018

election engineering

Awami League has already proven it’s intention of election engineering at Khulna’s Mayoral election. There is a national election this year or early next year. This mayoral election was first step to observe how it may be in the big event. But this government has already proved it’s point and intection by election engineering and corruption in this election. This government wants to keep the power in the cities and probably intentionally loose one election to show off it’s integrity which is part of the plan. The city this government willing to give up will be the one which will not afect much in the upcoming national election.

While this government is in power, there will be no chance for other backboneless political parties to make a significant impact on the election. BNP is already dying due to it’s chairperson’s absence. Other political parites either supporter of AL or have no strength to protest and contest in the election. I can see where the Bangladeshi politics is heading. It is heading towards 1972, where the dictator Sheikh Muzib was establishing one party politics in Bangladesh; same is happenning now. Daughter of the dictator Sheikh Muzib is establishing the long waited plan of another dictatorship in the country so that she can do whatever she likes.

Recent election in Khulna, opposition raised lots of points against the ruling party candidate and practically all were true. Same for the opposition party candidate. It’s the fact that both of them are corrupted. In fact, everyone including the election commissioner knows that they have undeclared wealth which was built from corruption and which they will continue once they become Mayor of the city corporation; but still no action was taken. Government knows it wisely that if they take any action against opposition candidate on corruption, they will loose their candidate as well from fighting the election. So, they remained silent to fulfill their goal.

During the election day, what happened known by everyone. Even the US ambassador critisised the election and doubted the credibility of the election. This is nothing but a staged play by the government. Everyone in the country is used to it and they have taken it part of the life. None has the power to protest it, because if they do so their only place will be jail or they will be kidnapped and murdered; and their end will remain unknown by others like so many.

This goverment is planning for another election engineering for the national election and on trial now with city corporation election. Surprisingly international community is not so much bothered about this corruption and AL is taking this opportunity by opressing other political parties to establish Sheikh Hasina’s dream of dictatorship.

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