Scary Gods pushes you to kill people

scary gods

Scary Gods of yours, pushing the terrorists to kill innocent people. And I know, none of the so called Gods are loving. This whole concept of Gods is a hoax but nothing. Now a days, some of the people who have no active or direct link with terrorist organisations are killing innocent people in the name of their so called Gods. What they are going to achieve from this? Only think I can think of, if they have no direct connection with terrorist organizations, is pleasing their Gods with sacrificing human blood.

These sacrificing human blood is nothing new. These sorts of practice and tradition existed for a long time in the history. Human being are being civilized, but their Gods are still not civilized. These people still think, they need to live their lives to please an unknown being or power; which they call ‘God’.

Previously I have explained, why people wants to believe or at lease want to pretend that there is a God. Because they want to blame for their losses or failure. If you cannot do something, then blame it to the God. God did not want it. What a shameless people. If you could not do it, then take responsibility, you did not do it correctly. If you don’t correct yourself, you will keep doing the mistakes again and again and again. Don’t make something fake as a escape goat. This escape got is killing the human race.

There are lots of people who try to justify Gods saying, human cannot do something which only can be done by God. Well, we could not use computers before some years, now we have it. Did your God did it. Human beings creates things as per the need of survival. The things which you now think human cannot create, will be created by human in future. Can your God do everything what human do? No. Have you seen your God do anything? Have you seen your God at all? Definitely NO. Then how do you know God is real? It’s a fake story to manipulate your mind.

These Gods do not exist. Some people, most of the times parents make scary stories to scare kids and their special character is the God. This fresh innocent minds take them seriously and keep it in their subconscious mind forever, which is very difficult to overcome. Those who can, knows the truth. Those who cannot and take it very seriously becomes, radicalized and keeps killing innocent people.

Listen terrorists, the people you are killing, are someone’s loved ones. They don’t deserved to be murdered. They all have their goal in life. You have no right to kill anyone and their goal. If you don’t know the right path, then don’t take the wrong one. Find the correct one until you find it.

And those who make these kind of God’s concept and make it further scary, you are the black sheep of the humanity. Your scary stories about Gods, becomes a nightmare for the human race and for the world. STOP doing that. Spread the story of love and affection.

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