Dictator Sheikh Hasina needs to go from Politics

dictator sheikh hasina

Dictator Sheikh Hasina needs to leave the politics from Bangladesh, that is the case for Khaleda and Ershad as well. Their so called political game has made this country prison and intolerable. None is safe. Because they are only interested about the own gains. Sheikh Hasina has gone mad now. She wants to be in the power and her so called ministers are crazy. Student wing Chatro League has become a terrorist organization. General public is not safe from Awami league and general students are not safe with Chatro league.

Corruption and politics has broken the limit of tolerance. Now people are tired of these so called politicians. They don’t want them. In the next general election, one will go and another will take over. But at the end, general public will loose, because they don’t have any other option to vote for. All the political parties are thieves. There may be very few politicians, who may be patriotic; but they can’t do anything because of the size of corrupted political parties.

Politicians will never pass any law which will or will have any chance to go against their interest. They never think about people. Country’s economy is bad and Finance minister is approving new banks like retail corner shops. I belive at some point in near future we will have more banks than tea stalls in the country.

Recent attacks on Dr. Zafar Iqbal is a significant sign of how the law and order system now in the country. Those radical fundamentalist Islamists who are still hiding in the dark, are still on a mission to attack on free thinkers. No actions are taken about that. Government could not even find, I would rather say did not feel like to find out who all were the mastermind of the attack. I don’t buy that a guy from nowhere just attacked Dr. Zafar Iqbal suddenly. How could he got all the information? How did he managed to go so near during that event? As I know, that event was not preplanned, therefore who gave him this information? Who asked him to attack him? We don’t have any of those answers. Police will show off some eye wash investigation and case closed. That’s what happens in this country.

Police cannot prevent any crime from happenning, they can’t even prosecute people after happenning. Why this country is carrying the burden of this police force? Just to use them by the government when needed? Just to beat the general pubic up? What happened to all the reforms within police they were talking about? They have got their pay rise and now quite.

Sheikh Hasina has already enslave all the public services and administration. She has not got control over the justice system. New chief justice is nothing but a pet of Sheikh Hasina. Former Chief Justice who stood against the government had to leave the country. This shows how safe is this country for public? If you are not Sheikh Hasina’s slave, you don’t belong here. In face, my opinion, she does not belong here.

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