Faith vs Facts

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Faith does not go with Facts. Facts does not go with faith either. Most important thing is which one is more important and acceptable to you. Are you the person who is going to blindly follow others whereas you could collect and compare the facts yourself and decide? Are you going to follow the faith only, though you are aware of facts which does prove that your faith is not correct? Are you even going ahead to convince to follow your faith knowingly in your mind, that facts are pointing towards the opposit direction?

This a tag of war inside lots of human beings in the world. I think, now a days, more than 70% of people are having this issue. Because in this modern age, people can communicate fast, do their own research with more facts and figures and most importantly they are able to make their own decision. Worst part is about expression and freedom to follow it. Even if somebody know that they are not religious, they are most of the time scared about their society, family etc, also about their safety-security. They keep their understanding buried inside them.

There are few societies who will allow to express everything, but still most of the countries and societies are not ready for it. Most of them are fundamentalists. There are few religious people who think that if you not following a religion that means you are lost somewhere, only thing they don’t understand that we are not lost; rather we have got the correct logical and factual path which explains everything in this universe.

Very simply faith is all about something which is above logic, people call it miracle or cannot be put through logic. Well, a sensable human being must not be taking a step without any fact or logic. Everyday all human being take hundreads of decision based on facts and figures even before buying their daily groceries from store; surprisingly most of them are taking their life decesions based on faith. How ridiculous!

People are not ready, rather they don’t want to listen against their faith. My opinion is, they actually want a place in their life which is beyond any logic, like fantasy where they can dump all their sorrows and failures. They want it to be like Either to explain their failure, if they can’t find an answer. Instead of looking for the answer, they just dump it in their faith. There is the path which divert non-religious person. We will always try to go to the bottowm of the matter to find out the logic and facts to explain the issue.

At some point in future, I will write an article about faith and luck – why they are not correct. But for today, I will stick to my topic. If you are lazy person to find out the facts, well I understand that. But without finding out the facts, just for being lazy, I don’t want you to follow any faith. If you find facts and logic and then if you still find their your faith is correct, that is completely understandable. But without doing that which I know will not happen, don’t blindly follow your faith. Come out of it, look for the facts and logic before you follow any.

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