Daily hurdles of an Atheist

atheist hurdles

Daily hurdles faced by an atheist, is my today’s topic. The reason why I picked this up – is it’s every atheist who lives with other people will normally face and faces everyday. There are few things which may not for everyone depending on the social and local environment. It starts from moderate to extreme.

Once I wrote an article on names, ie, name is not everything as an identity of humans. But most of the people judge you just with your name. If your name normally sounds like a particular religion, everyone will start thinking you are from that religion and they will start behaving like that. Also they will start expecting you to respond as like you are religious person. This is the most common hurdle for an atheist.

If you are living in a country where religion or religious people are controls everything, then you are defintely gone, ie, you can’t express your opinion or your atheism. You will face extreme difficulties and that may extend from denial to death. Still now apart from just very few places, most of the countries are like that.

Denial from family members is another regular hurdle. They will think and behave like you are an alien. You don’t belong there. Sometimes, even you can’t recognise those persons including your parent who used to love you. Very few may try to avoid the conversation about your atheism, but back of the mind, they don’t want you anymore.

Most of the cases, you need to tell everyone that you are atheist; because everyone takes for guranteed that you definitely belong to a religion or believer of so called gods. Especially if you are in an event for a particular group who are celebrating any religious day, but you are there becuase you just wanted to enjoy yourself and trying to have a good time. People will prejudge you as follower of that group or faith.

Most dangerous part is, you have to be very careful about your environment while expressing your understanding about faith. Because there are lots of dangerous extremists who look like normal people but will harm you. But don’t hesitate to remain with your atheism, because these fundamentalists will find out in future why there were wrong.

There are so many hurdles to face by atheists in daily life, if I want I can write endlessly. But main point here is, nothing should stop you from the truth. All these faiths, religions and Gods created extremism and fundamentalism – which is destroyin the humanity. Once people used to be burned alive if they spoke against faiths. Now they are murdered in different forms. But number of atheists have always increased. This is 2018, you don’t have to be scared from expressing your opinion or belief. I can say openly and confidently that ‘I am proud to be an atheist’.

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