Concept of God – the reason why people fight

concept of god

Concept of God, is the most dangerous idea of the human history. The first group of persons who tried to establish themselves as more powerful than others, they created Gods to manipulate human beings’ minds and rule them. The names of prophets, angels, Gods we hear now, all are part of this power game. They have passed this cunning idea from generation to generation so that they can rule others. Followers of religions have become slave of Gods, in fact, religious followers feel proud even to declare themselves as the slaves of Gods. They are ready to do everything to please their Gods. What a shame.

Even if you read religious histories of different religions, it states how concept of Gods divided people in that era. The fighting among people we are observing in this modern time, it’s not something suddenly happening. These mass murders have got historical background. There was always a group of people since these Gods’ concepts started taking place in human minds, who tried to rule others. But that does not mean all people were fools. There were some people who tried to question the existense of Gods. This opposit opinions scared the brokers of Gods. They realised, only way to rule is to spread chaos among people so that they don’t have time to think otherwise. This had been the case for ages.

There are radicals who are so blindly motivated about the concept of Gods, no surprised that they have been brain washed, they will go every extent to show their devotion and loyality to their so called Gods. This group of people are not the strategiest. They are actually the soldiers of main culprits. They use them to execute their plans and recruit others to implement their plans in micro levels. All these happens just around the concept of Gods.

In modern era, besides the power of rule; economical and financial gains have been added to the reasons for fight and religons are used to keep the war continued. Funny part is, lots of us know about this; but we are scared sometimes and sometimes we pretend to be naive about expressing our concern. But this must not continue. People are brainwashed and manipulated in the name of Gods and religions to justify and participate directly and indirectly to war against humanity.

People need to realise only change of our mind about the concept of Gods and freeing our mind from Gods can eliminate hate and bring peace to this world. People are fighting each other everyday. People are dying around the world. It seems like, this world is divided religously. What will happen to us who does not belive in Gods? We must hold our position raising our voice against inhuman murders around the world, have no doubt that only humans can humans – not any God.

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