God – is a man made SCAM to scare people

God is scam

God is a scaring tool used for thousands of years to control others by a small group of people. General public is nothing but fools, they have been manipulated by these cunning people by putting this fake idol in front of them. Have you checked for a single day, is there any relation between you life and so called God in any way? God is fake. God is nothing but your weakness’s creation. You worship Gods to avoid your responsiblities, you prefer to blame your God for your failures. But this small comfort is costing you a lot. Those group of cunning people selling this God concept to you for their personal gain. God is nothing but a scam.

Do you really need a God to remain alive? you are born through a natural process generated within nature. After you die, you will turn into another form of energy. You are living as a human being which is a form among unlimited forms. Your human life is controlled by you. You decide what you do. For your mistake, you suffer.

Why people created this God? Just to enslave you. They have created the concept of heaven and hell as to justify the role of God. All these religious leaders, prophets are black sheeps of the human race, who actually try to scare you. They are the owner of this scare business so that they gain the power and treat you like slave. They have destroyed your free will.

Now we fight for religions and Gods which even does not exists. You must not live life for your God, you should lead your life for you and other human beings. You must practice your freedom and free will. All these Gods are the root of all destruction. These cunning prophets are made by those secret groups who wants to control human race for their personal gain. These prophets then created the stories of God and religions. And then given you the religious traidions. How a single human race have beome divided and created races. All these just because of fake Gods.

Kick your Gods out from your life and live for the humanity. Only then peace will be established in this world. All the war and destruction happenning around us are nothing but the out of Gods. Your Gods are fake, live life. You are worshiping these Gods, just because your parents told you to do so. If they did not manipulated you, you did not have a God to follow. I don’t entirely blame them; because they have faced the same by their parents. Main culprits are those so called prophets of religions.

Come out of this God grid, you will be free and you will really become a free human being.

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