Hajj is a Crime for humanity

hajj crime islam

Hajj, simply a crime. This is the most organised criminal act in the world. Previously, I have written about deaths during this event which radicalized people perform every year. In fact, all the governments from people coming to attend this, are also part of this criminal act. This is nothing but a suicide and adventure tour. All the family members also encourage those who are coming to attend this death trap. Everyone directly and indirectly involve, are guilty of this crime.

Shame, how people are not raising their voice about this bloody Hajj? People are brainwashed since their childhood. They are slowly and gradually poisoned by so called Islamic fatwa that they have to perform this Hajj at least once in their life time. People are also so stupid that they are willing to perform this, even they know that they are stepping into a death trap. This is also a sign of Islamic terrorist mindset and suicidal ideology in Islam. They are willing to sacrifice their life.

Every person should have responsibility towards their family, society, humanity. But these so called Hajjis (who performs hajj) are the most irresponsible and stupid people. They are ignoring their responsibility and spending their money, time and strength for a event which is nothing but a fun fair of death. It does not do any benefit to the society.

Business men who are arranging this Hajj, are definitely don’t want to stop this; otherwise they will loose millions. Saudi government is also knowingly arranging this largest criminal event in the world to be benefited economically. They also show off the western world that they are the king of muslims. What a joke. For these political and financial gains, people are killing innocent people and using them in the name of their so called God.

Muhammad started this to make his kingdom richer than others. Because this event is a game of money and power. He is no more, but the bad practice he started remains. None tried to stop this Hajj because they could find this Hajj very effective a short cut way to steal money from others.

People are running and walking for days under scorching heat like mad and during the process people will die. These deaths are not accident. These had been happening, none raising their voice except few. I have not seen any international human rights organisations to take strong steps to stop this Hajj. It seems like, everyone is happy to let people go to this death trap. It is guaranteed that people will die this year. You don’t have to be a scientist to find out, this is not a rocket science. This is just a common sense.

I strongly urge to everyone no to go to Hajj and urge others to raise their voice against this Hajj event. Stop Hajj.


  1. What is the credibility of the author?
    Dude you think you are better because you feel you are an atheist but trust me even your belief is nothing but dust at the bottom of the garbage tank.
    Relief yourself of ignorance by learning the truth about human history and origins.
    You have a long way to go my friend and I hope someday I see you on the road of life!
    Till then trust me you deserve the spanking your dad never gave you!!!

    • I am sad that you are not ready to know the truth. However, your parents have radicalised you since your childhood, probably you are adult now. You should explore the truth. What if your family members ask you to go to Hajj and you are murdered there by the event, will you not consider that as crime? I believe governments will give more attention for human safety in a musical concert than this awful Hajj. Instead of spending your money for Hajj, rather help people or if you need entertainment- go to a musical concert and enjoy music. And about my belief, I don’t need a god to be a good human being. Your killer god is driving everyone mad. stop running after god, think without any barrier.

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