GIMF Bangla Team is Ansarullah Bangla Team

Ansarullah Bangla Team GIMF Bangla Team

GIMF stands for Global Islamic Media Front. Everyone by know about Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). Now they are part of this international terrorist platform. Now ABT is called GIMF Bangla Team. Before couple years, Ansarullah Bangla Team renamed as Ansar Al Islam, when they became part of AL Qaeda sub continent group. They managed to join this international terrorist group within a very short span of time after their notorious killings of bloggers and other secular minded people. Now they have gone bigger in Global scale.

Yesterday, Indian anti-terrorism unit has arrested a ABT activist who was arrested with lots of fake IDs. This proofs that Ansarullah Bangla Team is now not only operating within Bangladesh, they are operating definitely over sub-continent. They have got access to illegal movement within countries which is really a significant dangerous news for all of us. The activist of ABT arrested, is part of a small task. It is worth thinking how big this ABT has gone within these years.

Bangladeshi government is doing some eye wash show down by raiding few houses where most of the people are killed, not arrested. Thus we don’t know the scale of these radicalization. This government is trying to show off and trying to show the international community that they are rooting out the terrorism from Bangladesh. But we know their main intention.

There is a national election within short time. These terrorist will attack when political stability is very weak. This government is intentionally letting Ansarullah Bangla Team grow. These black sheep of the world are planning big. Instead of stopping their sources, government is ignoring their activities. They want to use them as their political soldier.

Ansarullah Bangla Team is connected to Hefazat E Islam. When Hefazat E Islam mentioned about killing bloggers, ABT started their killing missions. Government also supported them openly. Still now all the ministers and Prime minister openly attacks the blogger.

This illegal government market themselves as secular, but their words and acts are fully radical. They are not ready to accept secular writer and online activists. They are trying to publish a new law for online publishing, but that new law is noting but the controversial 57. All these acts by government, in fact, encouraging terrorists like ABT to go further and boosting their confidence in killing innocent and intellectuals.

I don’t see it too far that this country is turning into a new Afghanistan, Syria. Already IS is pushing hard to operate in sub-continent. Now it will be a tag of war between Al Qaeda and IS to establish their strong hold in countries like Bangladesh and eventually more killings and terrorist activities are on its way.

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