There is nothing called God or super power

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Religious Atheist

Religious people try to sell their God for hiding their failure. They also know that there is nothing but their own failure. Today I had to start my article with negative word like ‘failure’, because most of the population have failed and still failing to understand that there is nothing called God exists or there is no super power behind everything. This very simple thing seems very difficult for most of the people.

You are doing everything around you and you are part of your society. You are the person who is turning this world good or bad. Then why blaming other non-existing thing for hiding your failure? There is no superman coming to rescue you. Stop pretending like, you will be saved by your God. Stop teaching and forcing other to believe that they are supposed be within a gang (religion).

Every human being is free. They are the decision maker. There is no afterlife or heaven or hell is waiting for you. Stop hating each other. Those who are lost in the way of destruction in the name of division within human beings in the name of so called religions and Gods, ask them to stop doing that. Use your time to love and help each other. Only peace can keep you alive.

I had an experience recently when I was judged by someone the time I said, I don’t believe in any religion or God. I was looked at like, I don’t belong to this earth! People take few things guaranteed that whatever they think is right everyone has to accept it. But they are not ready to accept that truth might be different from their belief or faith.

Still non-believers are not accepted in the society. In some countries and societies, if you don’t follow a religion you will be murdered. There is so many movement going on about LGBT, which once was not accepted in the society. But now it is well accepted in western countries. One day we will also be accepted with the mainstream.

However, people are actually selling their God as a product. They are cashing it. One day everyone will find there is nothing called God, there is no basis of religion and that day everyone will become one and walk in the path of peace. All these destruction will come to an end, innocent people are killed in the name of Gods and religion will stop.


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