Theory of existence – 6

theory of existence

Theory of existence articles, after a short period of time. I believe, it has become important to explore and share our reason for existence in this universe. People are killing each other for no reason. People are fighting each other in the name of religion, even they don’t realize that it is destroying the same species they belong to. Everyone is running after something even without knowing it. It’s a time for everyone to take a break and think about the core of our existence. I have already discussed many topics about this in my few previous articles. You can read those or you can simply go ahead with this one.

We are busy with our daily routine and fight for livelihood. We even forget to look upward towards the sky and spend a minute to think about where we really are and why are we really here. Time has really come to think about our purpose and reason for our existence in this world and overall in this universe.

We have been changed physically due to evolution in this world for millions of years. But that is physical change, what about inner change. Yes, we have changed there as well. But the main reason is hate. What religious people say about spirit, that is not the spirit. They are misguiding people with this kind of words. It’s the change of energy which I have already discussed in my previous articles.

Have you ever spent time looking at the sky? Have you ever tried to find out what really happening there? Why all these things are there? There are so many interesting theories around. But why it needed humans among this? We think we are the best, but is that correct?

We, humans, may be just like trees, animals etc. We are just nothing but part of the existing materials of this universe. Trees recycle Carbon Dioxide. May be we are existing, because we help trees to get their Oxygen, we are also part of this recycle chain. May be this earth is nothing but a recycle plant for other planet, or may be our whole universe is nothing but part of a production line for something else. This recycle plant runs by nature. We know that to keep this recycle plant running we need to maintain it, other wise we have to abandon it or it will be destroyed.

We are now a days can hear lots of noise about climate change. We have to realize, if we don’t think about it, none is going to. After all, we may be important for us, but we are not that important within universe.

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