Theory of existence – 5

human being existence

Theory of existence is called theory, because still lots of people are not ready to accept the facts discussed in this series of articles. They are still living in dark age. We call ourselves educated and scientists, but we are ready to accept the facts which goes against our religious and regular beliefs. There are so many traditions and stories around us, which are just stories without facts; but most of the people ready to accept it as part of their life. Whereas, lots of facts are around us which proofs and explains our existence in this planet and in universe. Have you thought beyond universe, where we try to confine ourselves?

Why we are born? Do we really born? What is the purpose of living creatures? How do we born? How we were before our birth? Even before that? Did we really exist? How  did we exist?

I can write unlimited number of questions like that, which may trigger some research in your mind. At least, it might raise your eye brows. However, try to think about above points. Can you remember the moment you were born. No. Probably you can tell, because you heard it from older relatives. Have you ever try to think or try to find out any memory of the time you were born? None can remember. But You will find sometimes, there are some memories which come into your dreams or even in your thoughts. These you might think does not belong to you. Then where do you get these feelings or memories from?

Human being of all ages may not agree to laugh at same joke; but everyone will be scared of same dark horror scene. Why is that?

You may argue that a human baby is grown up inside mother’s womb and this process starts from the mix of sperms. I know about this and I believe, everyone with basic knowledge know this. But let me inform you, I am not telling about the biological process here. I am talking about existence of the life form. Does a baby have life? yes. What about a tree? Yes, it has life. What about a table? No.

Main difference is life form cannot be changed within it’s single life form span. But for an object, you can transform it to many forms you want until it becomes ‘Zero’.

Have you ever thought that the number of trees decreases and at the same time, the number of human beings increases. This ratio not only existed trees and humans; rather it is among all the living things. Human beings are nothing special than other life form. Because, all the life form come to a single energy form time and again after completing it’s one form.

Think yourself in sandy beach and you are trying to build a sand castle. You have some sand in front of you and you are building a sand castle. Then you broke it to sand and built a sand house. And again broke it into sand and built a sand bus with that. Everything transforms into sand here and forms different shapes one after another. Same thing may happen with group of people building different things from the same source of sand in a sandy beach.


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