Sheikh Hasina and Hefajot Islam are in power now

Hefajot islam bangladesh-islamic-terrorism

Everyone remembers the name of Hefajot Islam and their target killings of bloggers in Bangladesh. They have forced the government to openly declare their stance against bloggers few years back. AL government became scared the way Hefajot Islam arranged a meeting in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka. I remember that day and following days. I could feel that some thing worst in our way.

Government did not take any preventive measure to guard the bloggers, rather they encouraged those killers to keep continuing their madness. These Islamist terrorists have rooted their position so well now that government is executing their wishes and plans. Recently, government has change the national text curriculum and made lots of other changes in text books in schools. Matter of shame, political parties in Bangladesh do not want to raise against this. Because they don’t want to lose their Muslim voters. Shame, Shame!

Now politicians of this country are radicalizing the future generation through their school text books without even realizing that they are victims. May be after 10 years, this radicalization will add with what we already have. Already radicalized Islamic terrorists are showing their real face. In this country now, even army commando unit needs a week to neutralize just a flat full of 5 terrorists. I am not saying that army is weak, rather I am trying to point out that how powerful these Islamic terrorists are. It shows how strongly these terrorists are operating within the country and linked and funded internationally.

They are preparing the ground with specific agenda to establish radicalized Islamic terrorism in this country and international terrorist organisations know very well, strategically Bangladesh is a very important ground and very easy to access this place.

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