Theory of existence – 4

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Our existence in this universe does not start with our birth. Though we tend to think that our life starts when we are born in this earth. There are lots of people who also believe beyond that, ie, we exist before we are born. The question is how and where. Today I will try to discuss on our existence starting from our birth and before that.

Medical science explains how we a child is born and it’s physical developments take place within human womb. Physical existence does not start from nothing. Rather it changes its form one to another. From sperm to a baby human body fed by host body in the form of energy. Total energy in this universe is absolute. If the baby is fed with energy to develop itself, then from where this energy is coming?

Everything in this universe turns into energy at the end, as I discussed in my previous articles in this series. There is a core of energy where all the energy is stored or instead of a core, this energy may be spread all over the places. It may be stored in a galaxy wise cores. However, my focus point is, when a baby is born these energy is turned into a life form as a baby human. Same to all the life form in the universe.

When a baby animal is born, when a new tree grows everything transform these energies into its new form. The gap created for these transformations, are filled from the energies transformed from the transformation of other living things.

Now questions may arise that what about non-living things. Its same, non-living things are made or constructed from living things. So, when these non-living things are destroyed; these are also transformed into energies. Everything turns into energy.

life cycle of everything starts from energy and ends in energy. Its a never ending process like a cycle. Its very difficult to identify a start and end; rather during its cycle it transforms from one to another.

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