Theory of existence – 3

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Theory of existence, articles to find out the root why everything exist and why. Today I will try to discuss on some unseen topics. Almost all the religions speaks about life after death. Those like us don’t believe in any religion, we may have different views and propositions. Some of us may also have same kind of idea after that in different form. I will try my best to explore few forms within this scope.

Many religions encourage a belief that there will be judgement day. Some shares almost similar kind of idea with a view of end of worldly life. Some suggests, who does not believe in religions, there is nothing like death; rather life transforms into something else and so called death is nothing but a gateway to that transformation. Some suggest death is the end of everything for life.

If I want to discuss about death, I believe start of life and how it starts – is also very important in this discussion. But today it won’t be possible to discuss vastly on the start of life. May be later in another article, I will discuss about this.

Life is a smooth, linear and endless form of energy. The way physics suggests that energy is never lost, rather it transforms. Like that life may form different shape or type; but lifeline remains as it is. Some may try to define this as reincarnation; but I will argue that reincarnation is rebirth in different body. My point here is, life is energy. It does not have to get birth and it does not need a body to confine. Rather, it may remain as energy or it may transform into different shape or type of thing.

To me death is like a doorway to go from one form to another and same with the birth. But what happens after the death or before the birth? My theory is, life energy may be kept as energy or transform into sound, heat or any other form. Same before the birth. It may also transform from sound form to life later. If we think in this way, then we can summaries life as a whole as energy. Whole universe is energy, may be in different form or different shapes. If you convert everything in the universe into a single form, the singular form will be energy.

You may ask me, where form this energy is coming? Where it is going to end? I am going to discuss about this later in another article.

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