Bangladesh is at the peak of corruption


Bangladesh was and is a playground for corrupt people. Once upon a time, only rich and politicians were part of it. They used to use corruption for their personal gains. But now corruption has spread all the sphere of life in Bangladesh. There is not a single place in the country where anything can be done without corruption. Poor and middle class people have also become part of it. But in this case, they are part of it because of surviving the life.

Financial growth in Bangladesh has come a lot above, but corruption has never left its role in the economy. From shop keepers, to government institutions, police to judges; everywhere corruption is taking it’s toll. Nothing can be imagined without being part of it. One party is asking for money (bribe) and the victim has to obey it; because without providing the bribe, their work will not be completed. It has become a never ending cycle.

Everyone in the country has become part of it. Even if you think about a rickshaw puller, he will take extra money from you at the end of the journey without agreement, shopkeeper will charge you more for your groceries. Businessmen have made syndicates for price hike, politicians fake their patriotism for their personal gains; teachers does not offer teaching properly in school to earn extra money from students in the name of private tuition, universities are selling certificates, doctors are selling extra medicine which are not at all required, businesses are selling low quality products to make extra profit etc. There will a long list, if I continue to write all the sectors which are corrupted. But if I want to write which sector is not corrupted, I can’t even write one. That is how Bangladesh is operating now.

This corruption has affected our social relation and harmony. Trust has been lost within family and society. People does not do any favor to others which used to be. I don’t blame general public on this. Just to follow the survival mechanism in the country, people are running after their personal gain which leading to corruption. People cannot afford anything which legal way.

But the most dangerous part is, a big bubble is being created within society and economy; which will burst out soon. Then there will be a social and economical disaster in the country. Our political leaders are not at all concerned about this, which is outrageous. They are supposed to work for the people and country; whereas they are always after their own benefits.

If I am talking about TV and print media, all of them have become corrupted because of the commercial side of it. General public’s last hope justice system has already been corrupted. Judges can be bought by money and judgement can be manipulated. In this article, I am not writing about any particular fact, because like the list of sectors corrupted, it is also unlimited. I don’t have to give any example, everyone knows and they are part of it.

A country cannot go like this. There must be a change. A change definitely will come, but will be worst or best will depend on how and when the change will take place. Young generation within the country are much more knowledgeable and against corruption. But they also become part of it, when they starts their career. But to me, only the young generation in the country can bring the positive change which will be good for country; otherwise fasten your belt for the worst.

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