Theory of existence – 2


Theory is such a subject which lacks in facts. Lacks in facts, not because its untrue, rather there may not be facts available yet. It will be proved in future. At present, there are many theories available regarding the existence of everything in the universe. There are many types of ideology available. Recently I came across the theory of matrix about the existence of universe. To add into that, some argues that everything out there is nothing but like computer simulation. There are many facts to go with that.

Interestingly, it is very hard to talk or think about it; if you confine yourself within the existing beliefs. You have to come out of that and take a back seat to think about these. You have to think freely. At first it may look like unbelievable. But more you read, you will be able to question your beliefs.

There are many theories which are not proved yet. Specially time travelling. I believe when time travelling will be proved, many unanswered questions and mysteries will be cleared. It will be possible to easily explain different stories in different religions.

I think some of the myths in religions are made up, some are based on facts but manipulated. But some truth are hidden there which are too critical to proof. Still we don’t have that scientific tools available in our hand to explain those.

I think, everything existing around us are recycled. Death is a term which we use to identify the change in form in that recycling process. If I am talking about humans, we are transformed from one form to another. Getting birth of a new born baby is nothing but a change of form in recycling process. After our death we are recycled to another form, that may be to another human or any other thing. Everything existing are formed from one single material or thing. I don’t know the details of the material. It may not be tangible material. It may be something intangible.

But for sure what we belief or see is true. There are many many areas where we need to rethink the way we believe. Only imagination, free thinking and progress in scientific advancement will be able to explain all these. Through my writing, I don’t want to hurt anyone or look down to any ideology; ┬árather I want to show you an alternative way of thinking. If you think I am in the right way, please do visit my writings and continue reading. I welcome your queries or comment.

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