Theory of existence – 1


I am starting a new series of articles, named Theory of existence from today. Just to inform you, if anyone wants to really understand what is said in these articles, one has to think above and beyond the normal existing ideas of science and religions. If anyone is stuck with the fundamental ideas of religions and science, they can’t clearly understand the ideas stated here. You have to keep your mind free fully from any previous ideas and formulas.

The aim of these writings is to guide you through a platform and path which may not look and sound realistic, may not seems possible; but I can guarantee you that keeping your mind free, you will be able to find lots of ways to rethink about the roots and possible ways of our existence.

If you are expecting to find facts and proof of what I will write, I will suggest you to do it yourself. I will provide ideas which will explain the facts, but it will not give the present facts. If you have any query or comment, please do write in comment section; I will try my best to answer them.

My articles on this title will cover the existence of humanity, the source of everything existing, what happens afterwards, different views on religions, interpretation of different facts and ideas existing and also different discussions on political steps world wide taking and will take place in future.

I will invite everyone who wants to think about the real truth about the universe and everything in and out of it, to come back every week to read through my ideas stated.

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