Child servants in Bangladesh – vulnerable to domestic abuse


Child servants in Bangladesh are the most vulnerable targets of domestic abuse. They have been targeted with sexual, physical abuse mostly. You will find these incidents all over Bangladesh; shocking part of this issue is, there is none to raise their voice against it. These victims are the weak part of the society. There are very few NGOs who promote themselves saying to help these poor victims, but, in fact, all that is part of their publicity. Practically, their sorrows and stories are left behind all the daily activities in the country.

By law, all the children are supposed to attend school. But most of the children from poor family in Bangladesh starts their working life a lot earlier than it should be. Rather, most of them leave schooling due to financial problems. A big part it start working in richer families as domestic helper which is as servants. They are not treated as the hosting families treat their own children. Besides, they are deprived from the facilities a child should have.

On the practical note, these child servants are beaten for any silly mistake committed and sometimes it goes more dangerous leading to death. There have been several occasions when child servants are beaten with sticks which led them to hospitals.  There were also many incidents when these beating gone wild and many child servants were killed by their hosting families. In most of the cases, these incidents are not prosecuted, families offer money to the parents of the child and conclude it.

There were other occasions when child servants are treated as prisoner and locked inside the house. These are not at all example of humanity. Rather, there is none to look into these issues. They are not treated as humans, rather like animals.

It is government’s duty to ensure the rights of these child servants. In first step, children are not supposed to work as servant, they should have enjoy their childhood like others in the world. But we are producing a future generation which does not know anything about freedom. Other agencies and organisations are supposed to protest and should have taken proper steps against it. But nothing is seen to stop these madness.

There are many international organisations to work for the children rights and well beings. But are they really aware of these in Bangladesh? If they know about it, then what they are doing? And if they don’t know it, then what are they there for? Are we building a society which does not know to show respect for human being? What our next generation is learning out of it? Rich children are learning how to oppress poor and poor children are learning how not to protest against oppression.

Everyone must think about it. In this twenty first century, everyone must have their right to enjoy the basic needs of life. In fact, what is difference between a human and non-human, if they don’t respect each other?

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