Value of life in Government’s eye in Bangladesh


Value of life of general public in Bangladesh is considered zero by government. People are dying each and everyday. Print and electronic media is publishing the news everyday. But I don’t think, government is at all interested to find out who is responsible for these unexpected and unwanted deaths. These are not natural deaths, these can be considered as murders by responsible persons.

The reasons are frequent and categories are same all the time. Road and river accidents are the most notorious one within the reasons of these deaths. There was lots of criticism over the years for not having proper system to mitigate deaths due to road and river transport accidents. Drivers are careless and not properly trained. Most of the drivers are using fake driving licenses to get a job. Drivers don’t have knowledge and skills to be able to drive the transport. It will be unfair to blame only the drivers for the purpose; rather ministers are taking side of these drivers who are illegally driving on the road and rivers. Ministers are saying, it is ok to follow the current system. Whereas they know that due to the lack of proper accountability and system, drivers have become careless while driving. They know they can avoid any punishment after causing an accident. That is why they are encourage to follow the corrupted path to get a fake license.

One of the very important reasons by the government to remain partial on this issue is, most of the ministers and high officials of government is directly financially involved in transport business; and they don’t want drivers to be angry on them. Otherwise, they will be financially in loss for changing the system existing. Unfortunately, they are ready to sacrifice innocent lives for gaining financial benefit for their business.

If I want to say something about the protest from the general public on this issue, general public of Bangladesh has accepted these deaths as natural deaths. They think these abnormal deaths as their part of life. There is none to educate them about their rights. Government and other human rights organisations in Bangladesh are supposed to raise their voice on this issue, but they are highly corrupted for their personal interests.

My view is, existing system must be scrapped immediately and drivers’ licensing system of international standard must be implemented immediately. And also, laws needs to be reviewed to punish the individuals responsible for road and river accidents, so that others get the massage loud and clear.

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