Dream of Heaven – killing innocent lives in Bangladesh

Heaven Bangladesh terrorists

Dream of Heaven, in fact, driving the terrorism all over the world. Bangladesh is also part of it. Terrorists motivate innocent young generation by telling them that they will be offered direct heaven without any judgement by Allah, if they sacrifice their life for their religion. This is the only ‘Ace of spade’ used by radical groups for recruiting people in terrorist activities. Religion has played a nasty part in world terrorism. Those who are radicalized, they accept this dream of heaven. It is not only is Islam, rather most of the religion plays the same. But considering the present few years’ scenario, Islamic terrorism has become other name of all sorts of terrorism in the world.

At present, almost everyday, innocent people from other faiths and religions are being killed in Bangladesh in different parts. Some of them are not even reported in media. But I can see the clear path where Bangladesh is heading. I believe secular writers in Bangladesh will agree with me.

Innocent people, who do not agree with radical beliefs, are being targeted and murdered in different forms by fundamentalist radical groups. Now a days, we can hear about JMB again. If you anyone of you can remember the terror activities of JMB during 2005, then I don’t have to say anything.

Bangladeshi government has been blaming opposition political parties for previous killings in Bangladesh. When they are feeling pressure from international communities and connection of ISIS in Bangladeshi terrorist activities, they are now trying to blame it to JMB. Well, AL government will never going to accept that ISIS has already prepared their strong hold in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi government head, Sheikh Hasina, is trying to play good; but she is rather encouraging terrorism in Bangladesh. By her denial of IS in Bangladesh, it is making more vulnerable in term of safety and security of Bangladeshi people. I don’t think Gulshan attack was the last, rather it is the first of its kind; and more to follow. Within a very short time we may face another big massacre in the country. Because, IS has changed their war tactics in the world. They are operating targeted suicide attacks in different part of the world. Nice, Kabul, Turkey, Germany etc are the great example of recent ISIS attacks. They are trying to reach silently all over the world. Bangladesh may be a small part of it; but it will act like a back end office for ISIS.

As I have already mentioned many times that terrorist organisations like ISIS and Al Qaeda, need not to do much to recruit young generation and operate with less risk in a country like Bangladesh, they are going ahead with great speed. I don’t think, Bangladeshi government is at all capable to deal with this.

I am worried about innocent people of Bangladesh who have seen murder of bloggers, priests, innocent foreigners recent years; but they are not ready for attacks which are going to come from big scale terrorist organisations. Their so called religious Heaven is going to turn into Hell very soon. I don’t know how they are going to change their future. Because all the governments before and in future do not have the courage and capabilities to tackle this.

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