New face of Terrorism in Bangladesh

terrorism bangladesh

Terrorism in Bangladesh is not anything new. But the main problem is, Bangladeshi governments were not ready to accept this. Main reason behind this denial is economical, but in this present geopolitical changed scenario, government is trying to hide terrorist presence due to their political reasons. Government has been notified many times about the future terrorist attacks in Bangladesh, but they don’t want to accept any terrorist presence in the country; let alone any international terrorist organisations.

Now this is proven that Bangladesh is a well established base of international terrorist organisations like, ISIS. But don’t forget about connection of Al-Qaeda in Bangladesh. For last several months, both local and international terrorist organisations had been claiming responsibilities for several murders in Bangladesh targeted to bloggers, foreign nationals, religious minorities. Sheikh Hasina government was sleeping like a mad. This time by the attack in Gulshan before couple of days, I hoped that government will accept the situation and will fight against international terrorist presence in Bangladesh. But matter of shame, they are still playing previous blame game.

Shocking part in this whole situation is Bangladeshi intelligence agencies have failed to predict this sort of attack. And this shows how successfully international terrorist organisations are operating in Bangladesh. I wrote about connection of ex-military officers in local banned fundamentalist groups which changed the pattern of attack in recent months. But this attack in Gulshan has showed us how effective and deadly they can be.

I don’t think this is the last attack in Bangladesh. This is just the beginning. If you look at the pattern, Islamic militants used machete earlier, then they started using small arms with their regular slaughtering people. Now they have added assault rifles and explosives. This is the third steps. I fear, their next step is going to be suicide bombing which is the most deadly weapon these extremist militants uses and it is very difficult to prevent those attacks.

If you analyse the attack in Gulshan Cafe, you will find that this mission by militants were suicide mission. They knew that they are going to die and their target was simply the foreigners. This means, they are one step before using suicide bombings and they are trying to establish their positions, which is denied by the government, in Bangladesh. This time they are successful due to cover of international media. They have fully succeed in their goal.

Bangladesh has failed by this attack. PM is trying calm the general public down, Home minister is again denying any international terrorist presence. But if you look at the information flowing in social media, you will definitely know that these attackers are connected by ISIS.

Home minister said that these attackers may be connected to JMB. But my analysis is, these attackers are connected by Hizbut Tahrir, another banned fundamentalist group in Bangladesh. None is trying to find out how Hizbut Tahrir got connected with ISIS. Before Hizbut Tahrir got banned, none took any actions about this group as all the members of this group are sons and daughters of high government officials and richest persons in Bangladesh.

I think, not only Hizbut Tahrir or JMB, ISIS has made a collection of terrorist militants from all the banned organisations in Bangladesh and has already trained them. The Gulshan attackers were missing for last 3/4 months, and it is believed that during this time they were trained and got all the plan and weapons to carry out this deadly attack. This shows how young people in Bangladesh are brain washed. ISIS has got well prepared and already motivated ground to continue their terrorism recruitment; which I have been writing about for months. It is an urgent target for government to identify other activists who are motivated by terrorism. Otherwise next one is coming very soon.

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