Right of natural death

right of natural death bangladesh

People of Bangladesh are really very scared of abnormal death. When people go outside of home or sometimes even remaining inside home, they don’t know whether they can die normally. This may sound funny, but this is the reality. The way people are being murdered, it is a great concern for public to ask the government that they want the right to have natural death.

Earlier, people were scared of being dead from accidents. But now people are scared to be murdered by Islamic militants anytime and anywhere. You don’t know when you are going to be killed, because you are having different opinion or faith or you are active against militants. Now they are targeting more on soft targets. Earlier they used to target families sometimes, but it has increased recent year.

On the other hand, government, police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to ensure the safety of people. Not only that they have failed to arrest and prosecute the murderers. They are always praising themselves that they will arrest the murderers as soon as possible, they have all the evidences. But in fact, they have failed to proof that they have made any success on what they promised to do.

Our civil societies have gone into hiding on this issue. May be, they are afraid of being murdered or their family being the next targets. I will request the civil societies to put more pressure on the government to arrest and stop further killings by these Islamic militants in Bangladesh. They need to raise their voice. If they stop raising their voice, then these fundamental extremists will get the opportunity to continue the killings.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that she has got all the information about these murders and none will be spared. Then my question to this PM is, why are you not arresting those murderers? You are very much keen to make arrest of the human rights activists, political leaders, bloggers. They why you are not arresting the extremists who are killing innocent people and intellectuals in the country. Or I suspect, she wants these people to be murdered and those militants are doing a favor to this government by killing people of other faith and opinions.

Everyone knows that how Sheikh Hasina promoted her muslim faith during her election campaign. She is not at all a secular minded person. Even recent statements by her and her ministers show that they are not at all secular political party. Then it is obvious that she will try to remove the persons who are criticizing her government, religion or traditions.

People wants a simple and natural end of their lives. They want which is very much normal and minimum assurance from the government. Matter of shame is, Bangladeshi government are very much relaxed and failed to ensure the security and safety of citizens over the years; besides their statements and actions against secularism fueled murderers to kill more people. People of Bangladesh now want right to die naturally, instead of being killed on the road.

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