Secular Vs Islamists in Bangladesh

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Secular beliefs has always been the minority in Bangladesh. There has been always a fight between majority and minority in Bangladesh; even before the independence of the country. People become complacent due to their majority numbers available and try to think that anything against them is not acceptable. They might be wrong. Others’ thought might be worth listening. Except groups of people in Bangladesh, none were ever secular. Because they might praise or love leading a secular life, but in fact, don’t believe in that. In Muktomona Blog, founded by late Ovijit Roy, it is mentioned that if you don’t really believe in secularism, do not choose the path of following it and writing it. I believe in that. You have to believe in secularism and you have to free yourself from all kind of religious belief before you write. Otherwise, your thoughts and writings will be influenced.

Sheikh Mujib declared Bangladesh as secular country, but he could not effectively establish it as secular country. AL government even could not go near to that. Other political parties never ever tried to establish Bangladesh as secular country. Rather some of the political parties tried to establish terrorism and religious violence as their weapon of ruling people.

As a Muslim majority country, other beliefs and non-believer were always deprived from all the main stream benefits. But for last decade, extremism and radicalization has reached so high in Bangladesh that now other and non-believers as murdered in broad day lights. Today a Buddhist monk is found dead in Bandarban. This is not for the first time it has happened. Everyone knows, in recent months Christian father was attacked, another Buddhist monk is murdered, teachers and LGBT & secular activists are murdered by Islamists.

I admit that it’s not all the general public of Bangladesh doing these, but I could not find hard resistance from the public as well. The reason might be they have got sympathy to these extremists because they think that these attackers are killing people who does not believe in their God. If that is the case, then how anyone can say that Bangladesh is a secular country.

AL government is always trying to market secularism, but Sheikh Hasina’s government has just put a packet over the country as secularism and trying to sell it. But how long she can do this? By now all the international community have come to know about what is happening in Bangladesh. But the main problem is, none is taking any steps very seriously.

Bangladeshi police IG said that opposition party, BNP had a meeting outside the country with one of the foreign intelligence agency for manipulating the situation and to force the government to leave the power. But I don’t understand why another country with which Bangladesh has no diplomatic connection would do that?

Everyone is watching these IS and Al Qaeda led local extremist groups are killing people in the country who criticise Islam or work for human rights. Government is not doing anything, may be, because government is part of this and involved. Public is not doing anything, because they think that anyone who criticise their religion is to be punished with death. Even laws of the country does not allow freedom of speech. It’s all mixed up. But I am hopeful, one day secular ideas will win in this country and people will realise that peace can be established only through prioritising humanity over religion. It may be hard, it may take time; but I am hopeful.

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