Attacks on secularism in Bangladesh

attack secularism bangladesh

To describe the attack on secularism in Bangladesh, I don’t have to tell much. Because, it’s already an well established truth all over the world. For last few years, it has increased; though our so called AL government always promote their secular views world wide. But in fact, they don’t believe in that. Recently PM has expressed his standing against secularism publicly. This act by Head of the government has encouraged extremists in Bangladesh to feel free and now they have increased their attacks on secular minds.

If you observe on the pattern and expertise involved in these attacks, you will find that it has changed over time. When Prof. Humayun Azad was killed, it was kind of silent killing. Taslima Nasrin was receiving threats. During that period, attackers were not confident enough to execute their attacks in public; rather they were performing in a very low scales. Since 2013, when Razib was murdered, these radicalized Islamists started their new phase. They took a strategy to take the advantage of media. As a result, they started threatening media and started claiming killing responsibilities one after another by publishing online or over media. This approach looks partially similar to international terrorists organisations. Recently, they have started using guns beside their usual weapon machete. I think, now they have got sourcing for gun and they want their targets to be surely killed. That is why, they are shooting by gun after they have stabbed with machete. They are growing bigger.

Since the many killings of secular free thinkers in 2015, they have started their attack on different related avenue. If you look at the murder of the Rajshahi University professor recently, he was involved in many cultural activities. These extremists are expanding their target areas. Mr. Xullhaz and Mr. Tanay were murdered yesterday. I suspected that attackers are now trying to kill people going inside their houses hiding their identity. These two people were promoting LGBT in Bangladesh, no doubt that they are targeted for this. IS has claimed the responsibilities for recent murders and I think this one also. However, as always government denied any IS presence in the country.

IS and Al Qaeda have got definite link now which I believe. Because the recent developments in the attack strategies and gun involvements, anyone can identify that local organisations can not do this by itself. Well, local terrorists are executing; but planning and guidance are coming from international terrorist organisations.

I don’t think government has got any control over this now. It has already gone out of control. Extremists are going inside of people’s house and killing them; and walking away by firing guns. It sounds like cinematic, but it is only possible when it happens in Bangladesh. I think, police has got no idea on this. They are always saying that they are going to arrest the attackers, but all the time, they have failed. It will be very difficult, as these foot soldiers are operated in a very clever way so that they can attack and vanish within general public without any trace.

My friends, It has never been safe for free thinkers. Now, it is a war between secular mind and extremists. Already many has died due to their position in secular side. We have to continue raising our voice by opposing any radical and extreme act happening in Bangladesh. But if it continues like this for next few years, I can see a radicalized government ruling (AL is already doing that unofficially). Sheikh Hasina needs to realize that what she is doing is totally wrong. If she dreams about Joy to rule the country in future, I think even from that point of view she needs to stand against these extremists and must be now.

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