Arrest of Journalism in Bangladesh

arrest journalism bangladesh

There was a saying, if you are not mine; you are of none. This statement is a good example of extremism. Sheikh Hasina government has followed this saying from the start of her ruling time in Bangladesh. If you are not supporting AL, you are none. Thus you don’t deserve to have any right to live freely. If you are opposing anything against this government, you will be arrested and humiliated. As a result, now a days, some opposition leaders do not forget to oil Hasina sometimes. Because they know, if they don’t, they will be arrested soon.

Mr. Joy, son of PM, is trying to get himself engaged in Bangladeshi politics for last few years. Well, he might be well educated in IT, but I don’t think he still has got the ability to become a political leader in national level. By forcing some arrest recently and forcing followers to file case against ┬ájournalism, he is trying to show people how strong he is. But this may act reversely for him. People are definitely going to be afraid of him, due to his mother’s power; but fear does not make a real leader. He has already lost the love from the public.

Recently, Daily Star editor Mr. Mahfuz Anam was harassed by tens of cases filed against him for simply nothing. These cases are filed nothing but to harass him publicly. Still he is trying to fight his legal battle for this, none knows when this will be over. Recently, another journalist Mr. Shafiq Rehman is also arrested. It is told that he conspired to kidnap and kill Mr. Joy in USA. So far I have seen this senior journalist, I don’t think he has got any ability and desire to do this. He is not politically involved, so what should be motive behind this?

So called our justice system (led by government) has permitted to continue the case against other newspapers including Daily Jonokontho. This is another step towards arresting journalists and stopping the voice of opposition.

If you criticize this government, you will be on the hit list soon. Everyone ask a question, why so many arrests and cases against journalism in Bangladesh and why it has increased significantly during Sheikh Hasina government ruling period? The answer is very simple. This government does not want you to oppose them. This is a dangerous intention by the government for the public and also for them as well. Because it will destroy the democracy in the country, public and above all the country. Government must change their path of arresting journalists immediately, otherwise they will fall.

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