Murder of Nazim and recent increase of radicalized violence in Bangladesh

nazim murder Bangladesh

Nazim was murdered recently in Bangladesh and those who were thinking that last year’s murders by radicalized Islamist groups are going to decrease, found totally wrong in their prediction. Recently, one of the national daily has published how Bangladeshi extremist groups are getting connected and being associated by international terrorist organisations. Ansarullah Bangla Team is now renamed to Ansar Al Islam and now working as Bangladeshi part of Al Qaeda. After Nazim’s murder in Dhaka, these international terrorist organisations have claimed their role for the murder, but Bangladeshi government, as always, trying to hide any local affiliation with the international extremists group.

There have been clear indications for last few years that local banned Islamic groups are getting organised and getting connected with organisations like IS and Al Qaeda. But due to the declaration by the government, other authorities are not able to investigate the matter. Even government does not want any international security agencies to get involve in this matter. But matter of fact, situation is now going out of control of everyone. These attackers are killing people in the name of their religious belief and recruiting innocent young people to take part in this.

Today, even Tarana Halim, MP was threaten by people. There were so many other threats sent to other human right activists, writers, bloggers, journalists. But this is a mystery why government is not taking any effective step to really stop this violence.

If you look at the pattern of these attacks, it will be very clear that they are changing their style of attacking. Now they are using pistol with machete to kill people. Sometimes their targets were not dead even after their attack, but from Nazim’s incident it shows that they just want to be sure that their target is dead.

There are also information that Maj (retd) Zia who was involved in military action duing 2011, is also involved with these fundamentalist group named Ansar Al Islam (Ansarullah Bangla Team), then I will say that they have got too much information to execute attack effectively. They might have got other information related to make explosives; though police informed that they found a big explosive in their recent search. It is obvious that they are planning something big, but government is still quiet on this.

If you remember that so called ABT sent an email to all media to follow few rules served by them, then you can understand what they are after. They are having specific agenda to destabilize the country and eliminate thinkers & intellectuals immediately. It will make easier for them to misguide people of the country to establish a radicalized religious country.

If local intelligence agencies have got the information, as they claim, why don’t they arrest them and prosecute them? I don’t think, local police has got clear idea how bad these Islamic extremists are. If they are backed by International terrorist groups, then government must look at the Paris and Brussels’s incidents. They must look at present Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. If the government keep on sleeping, there will not be a country when they wake up.

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