CARROT or STICK – 17: Solutions to stop violence

religious stop violence

Solution to stop violence in the world is unity. And Humanity is the only common platform where everyone in the world can be united. We are already divided into thousands of groups in the name of race, faith, community, country, society etc. But if we can establish our one identity in the world and bring humanity above all, only then it is possible to bring peace and stop all sorts of violence in this decayed world. It may sound so easy and quick, but it is the most difficult but achievable truth at present.

Some of the greedy leaders has divided ourselves for their own benefit in the name of faith and religion. Some have divided us in the name of race. Human beings are now like a shattered glass. If you look at it, it may seem like, it is impossible to glue it back. But for the sake of humanity and truth, we have to start gluing these shattered pieces back. Otherwise, those small pieces will be broken into smaller pieces for the greed of some and there will be no trace of human in this world in future.

If I look into the world situation now, it scares me. There is always a news about innocent people are bombed in the name of religion. Now a days, religion is taking over the geographical location. Earlier, people used to go for war to capture another country; but now its more like war between religions. The worst part is, you don’t know when you are going to be killed. Muslims are bombing and funny part is, that explosion killing muslims. But these terrorists are spreading that they are fighting against non-muslims. These Muslims are so much blind about their faith that they are not understanding the truth. The people of other faiths are scared of being the next target. Why this war in the name of religion and faith?

This is called modern era, but how modern we could become? Still people are engage in religious violence. Why don’t they think there is no religion, no God? All these are men made and nothing but a tool to fool people and gain benefit out of these divisions and violence. Even what they say about the teaching of their own religion about peace, they don’t even follow that. These terrorists are of no religion, no faith – their only religion is personal gain.

Many highly educated persons, celebrities, scientists, political leaders have tried to spread their views about the peace and humanity. But some had to embrace humiliation, some were killed. But did they really stop? Actually these freethinkers will never stop, they will continue their views in every generations to come. They will try to guide and advise people to unite for peace and humanity. We cannot afford a third world war with countries equipped with nuclear powers. Everyone need to understand and unite for world peace, otherwise human beings will not be able to survive much longer.

Prevention is the only way and family, school, community is the starting point to educate people against religious violence. But before hand, we need to have the parents, teachers and community leaders who are free of any religious radicalization. We all need to raise awareness around us about this to stop violence. If all of us can really work against the ideology which provoke violence, then the whole world will be violence free.

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