CARROT or STICK – 16: Reality of universe

reality of universe

Universe is a very vast subject to discuss. Today, after discussing different issues in religions in my previous articles, I will try to highlight on the reality of universe. Instead of giving my idea on reality of universe, I will rather raise some questions for you to think about it. Some of the questions might be really new, some of them might be old ones but in different angles.

a. Those who believe in God, they always say that there should be someone who is the architect or engineer to design everything in the universe. And they try to impose God as the creator or engineer who designed all these. Now, if for the sake of argument if we accept that there is a engineer to design all these in universe, then who has designed your God?

b. As creationists say that God controls the system of birth and death. If that is correct, then their God has a problematic system running. Otherwise, why many babies dies before and just after their birth? Why old people dies in different ages? A well controlled system should have a systematic start and finish date which does not apply to any of the part of this universe.

c. If worm whole and time travel is a reality in future, then if someone travels back from future or from other universe and says that in future something is going to happen, do we really need to accept them as some kind of God’s messenger or their act as miracle? What that person said is nothing but what has happened in future. If I go back 2000 years from now with a time machine and say that in 2015 something is going to happen which I know already happened, is that something miracle? Or If I claim that I have supernatural power and I am God or his representative, am I not faking? So, Was your prophets or Gods or Gods’ sons were really what you believe?

d. Can you really deny that there is no other living beings in other planets of this and other universes? If there is, then if you travel to that planet and they are different from you, is there any chance that they might think you as their God or with some kind of supernatural being, if their level of intelligence is very very weaker than yours? If yes, then did you design or create them?

e. Why everything finishes or expires or dies in the universe? Is not it related that when anything loses the ability to survive, then it looses the need to exists? The same happens before a baby born. The thing we call death is nothing but a recycling process of materials. Our body parts are converted and reused in different ways.

f. Now a days, you can use many anti-pregnancy things. If you are stopping babies births as per your wish, then who is more powerful, you or God? Therefore as per the definition of God, you are the God, isn’t it? Actually, this God character is nothing but a fiction, what do you think?

g. If Darwinism is not correct, then why people are trying to travel to many other planets to find out the suitability for human’s living?

h. If you know about big bang, then you must know that one day our sun will die and there is possibility of explosion from the sun and further big bang. Do you really call it as ‘Armageddon’ or ‘Qiyamah’ or ‘Doomsday’? If yes, then let me tell you that read Dr. Stephen Hawking’s articles, you will find that these are part of natural process, there is nothing called God related to this. Do you know, these events are taking place and will be taking place one after another? So, how many Armageddons are stated in your faith? one?

Reality of universe is explained logically combining Darwinism and Singularity. If you combine these two then, you can understand all the facts about everything in the universe and universes. The theories which are not proved yet, will be proved correct like, Einstein’s. Now, will you wait to get the proof first or will you be proactive to know the reality of this universe and correct your concept and ideology about life & environment? You have to choose.

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