CARROT or STICK – 15: Killing of innocent people and Allahu Akbar

allahu akbar killing innocent people

Those who does not know what is the word Allahu Akbar means, for them, it means God is great. Today I will explain how their Allah is so great (?) and what aspect. Muslims use this word, I think, in most of the daily practices of Islam. And those who are extremists, they uses this word to show their high motivation and morale. Ultimately, they want to prove that their acts are supported by their God Allah and they are doing it to please their God.

Before I go further, I have one question. If Muslims’ God is really so great, then why muslims have to shout every time saying, ‘God is great’? Does it really make their God greater? or what? I think, they use these words to scare others. And terrorists use this word to motivate themselves that whatever bad works they are doing, they are doing it for their God. So, responsibilities go to the God, not to the terrorist and thus they try to keep them motivated. (Funny).

Those who are not muslims, but familiar with this word, I don’t have to explain to them when this word is used by radical muslims. I can guarantee you that before all the Islamic terrorist acts, terrorists have and will say ‘Allahu Akbar’. This is not only applicable for international terrorists, rather all the radical muslims do the same wherever they are and whatever the size of their organisation. Even if any single radical muslim does any terrorist act, he or she will say that word.

I have already mentioned in my previous articles that Islam has permitted killing innocent people. Their God has not only permitted, rather encouraged to kill people. Who does not know about stoning people burying up to their chest in Islam? Think about it closing your eyes and try to feel the pain who is stoned like that. I am sure, you cannot even think about it. This is not killing in war, this is just a punishment for civilian. How cruel Islamic law is? I feel scared even while writing it here. And funny thing is, people will say ‘Allahu Akbar’ while they throw stones to the victim.

Let me give you another example from recent past. In Bangladesh, a muslim named, Khizir Khan who was a retired government official was slaughtered in his own home deceived by the extremists. Do you want to know where he was slaughtered? He was slaughtered in a mosque in his house and those fundamentalists were saying the word ‘Allahu Akbar’ while slaughtering that man. One of my related person was also attacked by the fundamentalists and they used the same words. I can give you hundreds of examples like this.

If you look into the international terrorist acts, you will find that muslim extremists uses this word all the time. I did not have chance to see the actual footage of IS slaughtering innocent people, but I can tell you that if you give more attention, you will find that they are using using ‘Allahu Akbar’ to scare people and to motivate them just before the killing. And surprisingly you will find that they don’t look like they have just committed a crime, rather it looks like that they have done a very good job for their God.

One very important question may come in your mind, why ‘Allahu Akbar’? If you have information, Muslims use this word while they pray and they say it many times during their prayer. So, it’s nothing new to them. Most of the non-Arab Muslims may not know the meaning of this word, but what they know is this word is part of their religious existence and praising their God. This word is politicized in third world country. In Bangladesh, even non-muslims use this word sometimes. Those non-muslims uses not to praise Allah, rather it has become part of their political culture.

For international community who are for peace, they must understand that ‘Allahu Akbar’ word has become key to extremist acts. For a test, if you ask a terrorist to commit a crime without saying this word, I think, he will not commit that crime or will hesitate to do it. Law enforcement agencies may try testing my idea.

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