Religion: Principles of Islam

principles Islam

Thousands mind thousand opinions, but there must be some common issues that we must follow for their well being. That is why, we human being built society with the course of time. If we look back in the primitive age, we used to live scattered way. Later, we gradually started to live united to protect our self from the clutch of wild animal. This is the history of man’s socialization. What is religion? Religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas and practices that describe the relations between human being and sacred divinity or God. It also means some specific elements of a community believers, some perceptions, conceptions and a religious guide, that will give them the guideline what to do and what not for the sake of religion. Now come to the point about Islam, what Islam says to its followers to contain religion in their heart. Most shockingly, Islam is the religion that based on fully luring and fear. Allah lured his followers by heaven and the same time creates fear of punishment in his follower heart. For example, you can take concept of ‘Behest’ (heaven) and ‘Jahannam’ (hell). If you follow the basic principles of Islam, heaven is your ultimate destiny what is fully enriched with endless pleasure, on the other hand, for ‘gunah’ (crime) gets ready to face the intolerable punishment in hell. What are the basic fundamentals of Islam? If you go through this term you will be just a stupid , who is mostly bound to pray in maximum period of times. As a Muslim, a person has to pray five times of prayer in a day what is considered as ‘Faraj’ ( compulsory). Besides this you have so many extra prayers that will take a Muslim “Behest’, what is nothing but a mockery to befool Islam follower. If you ask me the question are against the Namaj. I must not say that is right , but at the same time I cannot support it too. Because, my personal opinion is that if a Muslim spoils his maximum time in praying that he or she will do for his survival. Is not it stupidity to get reward of Behest from Allah only remaining you busy in the some chant or dua. If you go for any survey on Muslim in this modern world, you will see maximum Islam religious bound people are not much successful in their life. They are mostly busy in enjoyment or in dreaming to get an unending life of enjoyment in the Behest. Do not think that my post is to criticize Islam. It is my opinion, what I do really feel from my heart and my experience what I get from acquaintance with so many people. I think if all Muslims dare to consider my belonging for once, he must accept my point, and truly vent on to know what actually Allah says.

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