CARROT or STICK – 13: Muslims are fooled by Muslims

muslims fooled islam

Muslims are being fooled by other Muslims in unlimited ways. Its very difficult to discuss all in this short article. But firstly, I will ask a question; Does any muslim believe or trust anyone with other faith? The straight forward answer will be no. Actually, Muslims may show fake impression that they are open to others’ opinion, but in fact they will not listen to anything which may go against their religious belief. Muslims will only listen or trust other muslim. Now, with a fundamental brain washed ideology, how a muslim can guide other muslim to true way? Because he or she is already in the wrong way. However, I will try to discuss on the subject matter today.

In a simple way you can categorize muslims in 4 class as below:

a. Muslims who are radical fundamentalists and extremists. Number of muslims in this group is not much but very dangerous for the society.

b. Muslims who are brain washed from their childhood for their religious belief and ready to sacrifice everything for that. This group on the edge to convert into the extremists and number of muslims in this group is significantly high.

c. Muslims who moderately follow their religion and is not radicalized yet. Number of this group is almost 1/3 of whole muslim population in the world.

d. And lastly, Muslims who do not practice their religion, but yet not willing to listen against their religious faith. I believe the number of this group is almost 30% of muslim population.

In summary, every muslim is blind about their religion and God; and they will not accept or listen anything against Islam. Those who does, are marked as atheist and muslims believe and feel proud to kill atheists for the short-cut way to heaven. In Islam, atheists are not only the non-believers, actually followers of other religious faith except Islam are also called atheists. So, if you are not muslim, you are an atheist.

However, where from the above ideologies are coming and who are motivating muslims on above ideology? It’s the muslims. Muslims are spreading the propaganda for fooling other muslims who are not radicalized yet. Muslim extremists are increasing the foot soldiers by manipulating other moderate muslims.

In this 21st century, still muslims are fooled by so called miracles and heavenly messages sent from God. Can you believe it? Is anyone from other religion or group are coming to muslims and motivating them to do these? No, absolutely not. Its the muslims who are using other muslims to reach their goal. They are using their concept of superpower God to manipulate the minds of innocent people.

You will find most of the muslims are going to doctor when they are sick. Why don’t they just remain at their house and pray to their powerful God instead of going to doctor? If their God is so powerful, then he will cure them. But muslims know very well that only doctor and scientific treatment can cure them, not their God. In fact, they are cheating themselves. If you study Darwinism, you will be very much clear on why human beings cannot survive for unlimited time.

Muslims say that their fate is written by their God and none can change it. Then why do they work? They don’t need to do anything, as they will earn their livelihood as it is already written in their fate. If your God has decided that you will do bad things, then why you will be sent to hell? Because you are not responsible for your doings. It is your God who made you do this. If someone has to go to hell(?), then your God must go to hell. My friend, all these man made concepts are promoted to fool you so that you remain in the grip of your so called religious leaders; why don’t you understand? You are being fooled.

Muslims are fooled as early as they born. A new born baby is tagged with muslim faith and other traditions of Islam where that baby does not have sense to understand anything of it. Their muslim parents were also fooled like this when they were child. So, muslims are being fooled by their muslim ancestors. All these are made to survive in this world. This religion, muslim mask, all are nothing but a cover for the survival. Someone is using you for their own benefit, there is nothing like God or religion. You are continuously being fooled. Think about that.

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