Muslim fanatics capturing the web!

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Muslim fanatics have grasped the web by their shrewd technique of capturing. Wherever you go in facebook, twitter or any social media sites, you will not see the post of those posts that is regarding with the spread of Islam and glorifying the Muslim people. However, the posts are nothing but a mean of creating irritation to the non Muslim people and to some extent people who believe in free thought. Like me, you will found millions over people who have Muslim background feel irritated, as it is not the way of establishing religion like Islam. My heart always peeps at wit a question that< if Islam is the best religion and only religion that is assigned by Allah,( source: Quran) then why you foolish(Muslim fanatic) spoiling your time by promoting or luring people by the name of Islam. True to say I have less knowledge on Islam and Quran, but I have the guts to ask question about the things around me and of course also on religion like Islam, because we all are born with the right to know. However, asking question and debating on the matters or content in the Quran is considered as the activities of Satan, (Devil). But I can’t stop myself from asking you fanatics that why you do need to promote the better than the best religion,( Islam, the best religion in the world, Source: Quran) if you are so much confident. You may use to many points to establish your logic, but mostly they are useless, because Religion is not created any God, But It is you who have created religion, like Islam, Hinduism, Christianism, Buddhism and much more. With the course of time, the fortune hunters establishing some rules and regulations by the name of religion to control the people especially subordinate, and to make differences between the people of our society by separating them showing the religion. I must say that you use religion for the purpose to achieve your desired things by befooling the people using religion. Now a days, you see the Muslims fanatics are crossing their limit, not in the thee area but also in online, as it is the most sensitive and quickest reaching zone to the people all around the world. You will see ridiculous post regarding Islam, like “ read this Dua, and spread it to 20 people, and something good is awaiting for you within next 7 days, or some Hadis that encourage you to be fanatic, mostly praising or fearing you about the punishment of ‘Dojokh’(Hell). You can also see some posts that instigate innocent people by mentioning the war that are going on in the Muslim countries, Syria, Palestine. But true to say there are so many non Muslim believers who are strongly against the war, and more shockingly the Muslim powerful country like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran are not coming forward to help the Muslims who are dying in the war. On the other hand, the new horrific fanatic group IS who is in the mission to destroying the world for the sake of establishing Islam. You see, the whole world will confront a war very soon and the consequence will not be good. You fanatic may loss forever in this battle, so be careful. Do not create anarchy rather choose the path of peace , so that people feel encourage to accept you. Otherwise get ready to your doom!

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