CARROT or STICK – 11:Terrorism is the other name of Islam

terrorism islam

Just now, if you ask anyone to answer the related word ‘Terrorism’, you will definitely get the reply as ‘Islam’. Some can argue that it may not be the same before hundreds of years ago. For them, I would like to inform that it has been the same since the beginning of start of Islam. It does not mean that all muslims are terrorists, rather Islamic ideology is established on terrorizing people with fear. How is that? I am going to discuss that below.

Firstly, concept of God is standing simply on the fear which I have already mentioned and explained in my articles previously. Everything connected with God, is also based on the fear of God. From the worshiping of God to donation, from Islamic education to Islamic politics, everywhere this fear is spread. This is the special weapon of the terrorist leaders to weaken the innocent people. And those who did not have the opportunity to see other religions and non-believers, they are very easy to be motivated to terrorism; because they are already motivated by their parents and environment. They are ready even to sacrifice their lives for their so called God. It is shown that they are killing non-muslims from their love of God. Have you seen your God? Did he or she come and told you to kill people? No, you are doing this because you are a coward. Your fear to your God making you do this. Your concept of God (which does not actually exist) is the biggest terrorist. It is not your God, rather it is your religious leader who is ordering you to kill and referring the name of God for this order.

Secondly, you will find lots of sayings of Mohammad which encourage terrorism. I can write down lots, you can get those online as well. Mohammad, himself led war and looted innocent people. He encouraged in his sayings to loot wealth and women after winning a war. Is that sign of peace? I don’t think so. Even today, Islamists are keeping the world terrorized, and you will find a very good similarity in all their flags. It is the flag of Mohammad. They want to be terrorist like Mohammad and they are trying hard actually. If you read newspaper daily, you will find surely there is a terrorist activity by islamists somewhere in the world.

Thirdly, suicide by killing people is praised in islam and it is said that they will straight go to heaven. Isn’t it scary? You don’t know when someone beside you is going to blow him or herself up with a bomb to kill everyone around. If a religion is supporting and encouraging that then what you can tell about that religion?

Islam has kept the women terrorized with fear socially. For years, muslim scholars have tried that Islam has put equal rights to women. Any person in the world can say that it is opposite. If you look at the dress, you will find that very easily. If you look at the Islami marriage system, you will be scared to know that women are considered just as a matter to be used by men. Whatever decision taken by others, women in Islam are bound to follow that as per Islamic rules. I can site example of hundreds like this. The main point in this is, women are victim of terrorism of Islam within itself in many forms.

It is already established that Islam is a threat to other religions. If you are not muslim, you don’t have the right to live as per the Islamic faith and if you want to be alive, you have to convert yourself into Islam. If that is view of Islam, than how muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace? And by any chance if you are non-believer, then you are finished. You are the immediate target for them.

At last, I would like to say that for many years Islam tried to establish their fake cover of peace, but in this modern era of science, you can not hide your real face. Media and communication is so fast now that Islam’s real face has to come out. Their intention is black just like the coulour of their flag. Everyone be aware of it and keep everyone around you to be aware of it.

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