CARROT or STICK – 10: Conspiracy theory of secret group in Islam

Conspiracy theory of secret group in Islam

Conspiracy theory of secret group of Islam is formulated with great intelligence and care. Conspiracy theory is nothing but unexplained event or series of events which are carried out by covert organisation. In fact, these covert organisations, groups or societies are very much influential in society and they perform these sort of events for nothing but for fulfillment of their greed. There had been lots of conspiracy theories were going around and it is flooded in internet. You don’t have to work hard to find one. Most of them are related to politics and finance. But religious conspiracies are not highlighted that much. Only few brave writers have explored and tried to bring those forward.

In a conspiracy, the basic principles of magic is used, so far I can observe. I don’t want to further discuss on how a magic is performed, rather I will try to discuss on subject matter. In a simple way, divert the attention – let viewers expect to come out something – but bring out unexpected thing; that is a very simple magic. In conspiracy, magician is the group of people; followers of that group is the viewers; and some events develop over long span of time to achieve the surprise factors of the viewers and thus to achieve the goal of the so called magician.

I have already written on the secret group in Islam. I will not try to discuss on small conspiracies of Islam; rather I will discuss on the biggest conspiracy of Islam today. All other small conspiracies are actually part of this biggest game. If you think about what is the ultimate goal of Islam, as a religion? Don’t make hurry on that. Take your time………………………… Islam’s ie, the secret group behind Islam, goal is to establish Islam as the only true religion in the world. Did you think about that? If yes, then that is wrong! Why? That is the thing they want us to believe.

At first they have said, believe in a God who you cannot touch or justify with science. With that God, they have already diverted everyone to unexpected miracles which are nothing but a hoax. What Muslims are expecting to come out? Heaven and hell, is not it? But I can tell you that so called magicians of Islam, will bring our unexpected surprise for all of us.

If you want to observe the real deception process of Islam without being deceived, you have to come out of those God, heaven, hell things. You can see the conspiracy game played by Islam using Muslims and with other people. Islam’s magic can only be performed successfully using human being. Therefore, you will see Islam force and motivate people to take as much as possible number of children you can take. That is one of the reason why Muslim families are crowded and the number is increasing. Because, the more Muslim parents take children, the more future Muslims are produced without any hard work. If you look at the picture above with this article, you will find the % of global population and shares of Muslim population by end of 2050. From that it is very much clear that what Islamic magician is doing. Now, they are spreading Muslims all over the world. They want to grip the whole world, Islam is increasing the foot soldiers. Because without the capture on ground by men, you cannot claim victory.

Islam has already diverted everyone by hanging heaven, hell and judgement day hoax. They have also put forward Imam Mahadi and Dazzal issue. Do you think, these were planned yesterday? No, these were planned thousands of years ago, even before Mohammad was born. This same kind of conspiracies took place during other men of God. These secret groups actually grasp their loot over the time. These are not short-term conspiracies. By all these hoax, they just want to make profit for endless time and their following leaders will also do the same. They want to keep this conspiracy alive to cash it effectively.

Nothing is going to come out at the end of the magic and that is the biggest surprise of the magic. All the viewers will be waiting for something, but ‘nothing’ will be the biggest surprise of magic ever.

If you are told that something lucrative will be offered to you, if you watch a magic show and if you don’t, you will be sent to jail. What you will do? Definitely, you will be eager to watch the show. But, the fishy part is, you have to pay hourly till the magic show is over. Considering the consequence ie, for avoiding sent to jail, you will agree to pay. Now, if the magic is not completed ever and you have to pay for that unlimited time; you will continue to pay. Because, you are in great fear for the jail.

Now if you think what muslims are doing, they are donating all the time and where these money is going? Do you know? They are shackled with daily prayer and fasting, why? To keep them as slave to the magic show. Some of them might think about what is going on and may try to motivate others. Those thinkers are eliminated from the society by secret groups. They don’t want you to think against them. They want you to think only about heaven, hell, judgement days etc. so that you remain silent against them.

Now, If you, for a while, stop thinking about heaven, hell, judgement day, Gods etc., you will find that you are really a free man and you can see everything going around you very clearly. That is the thing, they don’t want you to do. Now, It’s your choice to make because you have the right to be free.

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