The sound of Azan becomes intolerable

sound of azan

Its 5:50 am, I was sleeping in my new apartment after couple of day’s hard working both in my city Chittagong and Dhaka. I was damn tired and kind of feeling sick what pulled my bed to have a sound sleep. But I woke up with a terrible sound. I was feeling too irritated about the sound and the sound is nothing but the Azan on mike. I do not know how other feel with that sound of  Azan, that seem like nothing but a scream of  the ‘Muazzin’ (who recite the lyrics of Azan) to make the people awake from the sleep. However, you can tolerate it to some extent in the afternoon or some other time except doing creative work like writing or something that requires your full attention.

Everyday there is rules of reciting Azan for five times before every prayer to call the Muslim ummah for prayer or make them aware of Allah. But what about the people of the other religion or even some Muslims who do not like to hear the terrible sound of the Azan. You should not be surprised if the Muslim says that they have all the right to perform their prayer as they are the follower of the best religion( claim by Muslim in their  religious book or resources). Moreover, there are chances to be chopped by those ( fanatics)  if you speak against Islam or criticize their wrong doings.

If you go for survey you will find that the Muslims always speak against other religion and their way of performing prayer. But they do not have this gut to listen to their own.  You can see some facts of Puja in Bangladesh as example that the Muslims are blaming the Hindu follower for using mike to celebrate their occasion. But they forget to look at themselves they do use mike for performing their prayer, though that is not music purpose but the sound is not too attractive or lucid , as maximum Muazzins are not trained or even do not know how to sounds of Azan better.

Well, I am not claiming to stop the tradition of performing Azan, because everyone has the right to perform their religion on their own away, but not disturbing others.   They can reduce the number of mosque in the locality because it is really exaggerated to have 5 to 10 mosques in the 500 meters area by turning some circles. It is just waste of money or misuse of place. Rather you can set up one mosque in a locality that will help you to enhance brotherhood among the Muslim nation. Moreover, it will stop the sound pollution that happened because of establishing more mosques in a small place.

So better be sensible and act  smart to prove yourself that you are smarter follower  of the Islam,  nevertheless  it will not take much time to  finger at you even if you live in muslim majority country like Bangladesh.

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