CARROT or STICK – 9: Similarity between Multi-level marketing and Caliphate

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Today I am going to discuss on the similarity between Multi-level Marketing and Caliphate in Islam. In my previous article, I tried to discuss on how Islam is doing a good business by branding their religious name in the world. However, before we go further, we have to understand little bit about stated two terms. I am just pasting from the google on the definition of Multi-level Marketing and Caliphate.

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits’ sales. The recruits are known as a distributor’s “down-line.” All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers.


The straight meaning is an ‘area of land that is ruled over by a caliph’. Now what do we understand by Caliph? Well, I could find out ‘the chief Muslim civil and religious ruler, regarded as the successor of Muhammad’. It may not be very clear here about what it is, but hopefully will be clear later in the discussion.

Similarity between Multi-level Marketing and Caliphate

Both these two words carry a target or goal. That goal is to make profit. There are many marketing strategy in the business world, but difference between Multi-level marketing and others are, Multi-level marketing is fishy and full of scam. As a result, there are many countries where Multi-level marketing is banned or highly restricted. In Multi-level marketing, consumers or users are most of the unaware that they are being sold a product; actually, they are bluffed. Consumers are mentally manipulated by many tricks, like they are most of the times convinced by known or related persons, most of the time are scared with fear of loss etc. But the main person right at the top actually how general public are fooled down the line. The most dangerous part of this marketing strategy is that people engage themselves not for the product, but for the profit only. Product is not a matter at all here.

Now, I may have to add more to the meaning of word caliph for better understanding. This Caliph system is also works like Multi-level marketing, you have to be tagged with previous leader. Once you are in it, you are glued. You are in the chain and you will buy religious words of any kind whatever brought by your upper level. Once you are in it, you don’t care for the product. You are always in a mission to increase your number of member down your line, just like Multi-level marketing. We may have a wrong concept that Caliph means the kings or ruler; but let me inform you that Caliph, in fact, means representative. It is considered that every muslim after Mohammad is considered as Caliph of Islam. This is the dangerous part and following this, all the muslims are trying to motivate other people every day and brain washing kids.

Just like the Multi-level marketing, Caliphate has also got a profit target; otherwise why all these mad people are running after this. The prize or profit put in front of them is just like the same of Multi-level marketing. You will find in internet that all the Multi-level marketing company will show you that you will become very rich soon and live like a king or rock star quickly. Same with Caliphate, they will show that if you bind yourself within the sharia law, you will get heaven and you will be given with every joy of life. My foot, dead men are shown with a dream? That is even more idiotic than a bad joke. The worst part is, people are fooled with that and get themselves jailed by themselves without examining anything. It is so easy for these people, because all these muslims are already brainwashed by the fear of their so called God. Even their parents, grand parents are brain washed; so who is going to point out them to the right way?

My aim today is not actually to teach you the definitions or meanings. Actually not even the similarities. My intention was to inform you through my discussion that these so called religious leaders are not even religious. They are using a very systematic approach to scam you and gain profit out of it. Here general public are used in the name of religion. Everyone is fooled.  Think about future, if they continue like this, one day you will find there is none without their Caliphate chain and they are controlling the whole world. Can you imagine, organisation like ISIS ruling the world? think about it and find out the truth behind the screen.

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