CARROT or STICK – 7: Fake miracle propaganda by Islam

fake miracle propaganda by islam

Miracle is a very tricky word to explain. If you search for definition of miracle, you can find in google that miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. You don’t have to research to find out miracle propaganda in Islam and by Islam. There are thousands of examples where general people were fooled by these sorts of so called miracles.

If we see a magician to perform on stage, we wonder how this person did the magic. We start to think that this person has got extraordinary power which normal people does not have. Most of the time, even in modern scientific era, we prefer to use the word magic instead of trick. Because, we start to believe that the magician is not a normal person. The same strategy was used, many a times, in most of the religions, to show that the person who is trying to talk about Gods is actually chosen by the God, as he has got unnatural power which is given only by divine power.

A Hindu Guru used to perform the same and I personally watched the secret of the tricks and how he performed in public gatherings to fool people. He was considered as God by his followers, and many well educated and political leaders accepted him as a man of divine power. Don’t they have eyes to see the reality? Yes, they have physical eyes, but they are blinded by so called fear of Gods and thus they can’t and they don’t want to question the credibility of their fake God.

However, if you search Islamic history and Quran, you will find there are so many examples of miracles performed by Mohammad is cited. For example, it is claimed that Mohammad divided the moon just by pointing his finger towards the moon and glued it back after some time. In this scientific era, we have got powerful telescopes, people have gone to moon; did you find any evidence to support the claim made by Mohammad? I did not find and not even heard of. In that time, when there was no chance to test the credibility of the claim, it was very easy to fool others. And these fake miracles were spread through chosen men of Mohammad who wanted to establish Mohammad as man of divine power. 

The reason behind this fake miracles is a very simple thing. Mohammad had to establish him and his introduced religion Islam in a position that people are scared of denying his message. For doing so, he had to spread different fake miracle propaganda. He,once said that he has visited his God, heaven and hell in one night. My friend, why you had to visit at night and alone. You could have take few other people to visit with you. Funny. You can’t, because that was another propaganda. 

The most ridiculous thing is, none of Islam’s miracles are established with proof. Muslims have to believe it without any question asked. If you don’t, you will be marked as non-believer. Now a days, whenever I visit any Islamic online group or website to research, I find that they use kids’ pictures to show that a kid is interested in Islam and it is a miracle. I like to tell those Muslims that firstly, don’t use kids as your weapon to establish propaganda, secondly, whatever you tell a kid (as they don’t have judging ability yet) they will follow it. If you keep your quran in front of a kid and take a picture showing that that kid is reading the quran and that is a miracle; give it a break, that kid even does not know that what is kept in front of him. these rubbish pictures need to be removed from internet.

There are other propaganda spread all over online, that is pictures of animals and natural elements showing that Allah’s name is written. If you look up in the sky and you will find that clouds are shaped like a face of persons many times. Will you say that it is the face of God, my muslim friends? I don’t think so. So, stop these miracle stories.

If I want, I can discuss on this issue for long time and the reason behind these fake stories by muslims will remain same. But the fundamental reason of all these Islamic fake miracle propaganda is hidden behind on root and that is, they want to proof that Islam is the only and true religion for humanity. They will try to establish saying that real God has sent this religion. Now, where is your God? There is no God and stop showing these tricks and stop fooling others. If you want to enjoy with your so called magic tricks, then do that as part of entertainment, but stop manipulating innocent people’s mind by branding these as miracles. And for you, don’t be attracted to Islam being fooled by these so called miracles, these are all fake. Followers of Islam want to attract you and when you are in it, you will regret it.

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