CARROT or STICK – 6: Mohammad’s Quran is a dictator’s constitution

Mohammad quran dictator islam

Mohammad’s Quran is actually a manipulated constitution to safeguard the goal of the secret society. The way Quran was wrote by them, simply clarifies that this group of people actually wanted to rule the Muslim word like a dictator and I am going to discuss on that briefly today. In the name of their fake God, they wanted to rule the world. But they needed a book to punish people who does not follow what is said by Mohammad. At first, Mohammad was telling everyone that he receive the words of Quran through dream and sometimes silently. There were some incidents when he said people present that he had received the sentences of Quran to answer the questions of the people present. Is not it funny, that Quran’s sentences are written based on the questions asked by the people; whereas it is said in Islam that Quran was written and preserved. These two ideas don’t go together. It clarifies that what Mohammad was saying about Quran, is just a scam. He was answering the questions and referring the answer as the words of God and people were scared not to believe in God’s words. This is how Mohammad has used the fear of God to accept the Quran as undeniable constitution for the Muslims.

Another fundamental idea of Islam is ‘submission’. If you are a Muslim, you have to submit everything to your God, Allah. You have to be ready to sacrifice everything including your life for Allah. This ideology has created so much chaos in the world so far. As a result, if you question about the Quran, that means you are questioning the Allah. And every Muslim is ready to fight against you to protect their so called constitution. If you observe than you can realize, if anyone says anything anywhere in the world against Quran, all the Muslims around the world will protest against this. This shows that though Muslims live in different countries, but they give more importance to their Islamic constitution than their own country’s constitution. All the Muslims are actually live in a county which does not have a physical boundary. However, idea ‘submission’ to the constitution comes when you cannot question any part of it and the ruler is their God, Allah. Now, if you live in a modern society, you can always discuss and review your constitution based on the need. But Quran is such a constitution, you cannot even dream of reviewing or changing any part of it. Because, the greedy religious leaders of Islam finds it beneficial to keep the Quran as it is and manipulate Muslims with it.

If you look at the Muslim world now, you will find most of the Muslims don’t practice the instructions given in Quran. But there are some fundamentalists who believe that it is their duty to protect the Quran and force everyone to follow it. In many places of Quran it is said that if you are not follower of Islam, Muslims can kill you if needed. How ridiculous. It is a great example of how Quran was written to dictate the humanity. Mohammad knew that to control people, there must not be anyone who does not follow the Quran. Otherwise the conspiracy by the Quran will be discussed and one day Muslims will not follow the Quran.

Quran says that God is Master and human beings are his servant. But, Mohammad intelligently wrote in Quran that Mohammad is friend of the God. That means, Muslims cannot see the God, but his friend is in front of them. So, they need to accept what Mohammad says. Only in a dictatorship regime you can observe the Master and servant relationship of ruler and countryman. Same is observed many times in Quran.

If anyone steals and accepts not to do the same in future, according to the Quran, thief’s right hand cannot cut off at the wrist. People are murdered throwing stones. Now my question is, that thief might not steal in future, so cutting off his wrist is at all justified? What happens if that thief has family members to look after and he is the only earning member? This is not justice at all, this is cruelty. Matter of shame, still in twenty-first century these incidents are still being followed. The people who does it, they justify their dirty work just by referring the rules in the Quran. People still justifies their dictatorship by the Quran. That is why Quran is actually a dictator’s constitution.

Until all the Quran is destroyed from the world and people are banned from reading and memorizing Quran, this unethical and unsocial cruelties are not going to be stopped. Different societies and countries will use the Quran as their weapon, as it is full of dictator’s guideline and how to oppress people; people will try to manipulate the society with the dirty lines of the Quran. So, eliminate the Quran from the world.

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