Child Marriage and Islam

child marriage in Islam

Child marriage is a common practice in Islam. You can see girl who is of 14 or 15 years gets married with a guy who is twice or thrice time older than her. Mostly, the girls are forced to get married below the age of puberty often by their parents, whatever the reason may be –financial or something or else. The more shocking fact is they girls do not know what is going on with them. The weapon they are using that is nothing but religion, the best religion of the world (claimed by the Muslim, however they reality is zero). Let me share you an experience what I had recently when I am visiting Chittagong. It was end of last year; I was visiting my village home in Chittagong with a view to visiting my grandparent’s house. Daisy, daughter of our maid, who was only 15 years old suddenly got married with an elderly man thrice time much than her age. Though, I was not surprised, it happens often in our society, but I was shocked with the answer that the maid give to my younger sister. She said when my sister asking her,” why did you Daisy get married with a man who is almost her father age? That, It happens in every girls life and true to say it is an usual fact for every girl . Girls can get married with a guy who is almost her father age, we should not take it serious, rather we should appreciate it.” I asked her “why, Why should I appreciate child marriage? “She said quite confidently with a very decent manner that our prophet Mohammad (s) gets married Ayesha when she was only 9 years old, and he was too older than her age, and almost his father age, so we Muslim can get married our daughter in early age with an elderly man.” True to say, I never thought like her, and her logic is really acceptable. May be this is the reason that maximum Muslims make their daughter in early marriage without giving her education and both mental and physical fitness. As a result of this, you will get the maximum Muslim women are staying at home and do nothing except chores! In my life I met with many Muslim girls, who are damn talented but can’t do anything better for their life. They have thousands of restrictions to live their life like ‘veil’ and restrictions to go out of home as their face is the thing that need to be hidden at their home and also they do not have any right to earn except depending on their male partner and son’s income. I am very much upset with the lifestyle of Muslim woman. True to say it is not life rather being slave of their husband and children. I feel pity for those millions over woman who just have nothing to regret. My message is to those “Wake up sisters! Otherwise you will be like just earthworm that contribution will never be appreciated.”

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