As you are girl! Barrier is your company forever!

Can you smoke publicly as a girl in Bangladesh? I am sure you cannot imagine of doing this because of the eyes that stared at you with a sense of hatred. However, for male there is no problem in smoking publicly even, it is in front of their parents or in office. Smoking becomes a usual issue for man now in our country.  But if it is done by any daughter in front of their   parents it will be a grave crime done by the female member of the family.  Moreover, your mother, sister and grandmother will be the biggest enemy of you in your family.

Can you wear what you feel like as a girl, like shorts or Jeans in the hot summer?  Of course not, as you are a girl! Or if you dare to do this you might have to be victim of physical assaults  that happened in the  Pohela Boishak on 14 th April on 2015.  On the other hand, a man can put on anything what he feels like. He can move in the road by putting on vest or shorts. He has every right to do anything as he is male, the master of the girl.

 The worst thing is that we woman folk are strongly against our freedom. We put the barrier in front of our daughter, sister, sister-in- law, so that they cannot move forward to change their life.  For example, you can see so many families who are strongly against girls education or if does they are against the decision of job outside by women.  Still they think they are the woman should have stay in home only so that they can take care of their husband, children and taking care their laws. Of course,     the only duty and the best quality expected from a girl ever in our society.

 What about your dream girls that you are cherishing since your girlhood? You wanted to touch the sky but you have no soil under your feet as you are underestimated yet by your family, society only for the reason of being a girl. May be this is the reason, what leads millions over women in our country are facing miserable life.   You can see a woman who is only 23 or 24 years old are having three or four kids and of course with a burden of responsibility of taking care of family, cooking, even they contribute in family income. However, though they earn the woman folk cannot take part in decision making in their family because of being girl. Most shocking fact is , the picture is not in only middle class or lower class family, you can see the scenario in the high class society even. They treat their wife or mother as a show piece of their house, they have nothing else to do except keep themselves engage in chat, kitty party by showing the reason her husband has enough and  he cannot see his wife working outside.

However, the scenario is changing now a day, but the percentage is very less.    What to do now to glorify women’s position in the family, society? I always believe in the word that is no one can change your position, until you do not want. So it’s your duty to secure your position in your family and society.  You have to take initiative to bring change in your life. If you are mother you have to teach your daughter how to make position, if you are sister, you have to support your sister, and as a mother-in-law to your daughter-in-law. If you start practicing, the male members of the family will be forced to pay you the due respect.  In the same way, one day the entire society will be changed and you will be proud as a girl and you will find  everyday beautiful  the way  you dreamt for!

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